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From Atlanta?
W.A.S.PCDDB Still Not Black EnoughCD 
W.A.S.PCDDB The Neon God: Part 1 - The RiseCD 
W.A.S.PCDDB Unholy TerrorCD 
W.A.S.P.CDDB The Neon God pt. 2 - The DemiseCD 
Waking Kills The DreamCDDB Depending On TomorrowCD 
Walls of JerichoCDDB All Hail The DeadCD 
WardogCDDB Scorched EarthCD 
WargasmCDDB Why Play AroundVinyl 
WarningSFCDDB AftermathCD 
Warrior SoulCDDB The Space Ace PlayboysCD 
WarzoneCDDB The Sound of RevolutionCD 
Wasted YouthCDDB Black DazeVinyl 
Watch Them DieCDDB Bastard Sonplay radio editsCD 
Watch Them DieCDDB Watch Them DieRadio EditsCD 
WatchmakerCDDB Erased From The Memory Of ManCD 
WayneCDDB Metal ChurchCD 
We're All Gonna DieCDDB The Wreck of the MinotCD 
WehrmachtCDDB BiermachtVinyl 
WehrmachtCDDB Shark AttackVinyl 
WheelbarCDDB High Volume TherapeuticCD 
WhiplashCDDB Insult To InjuryVinyl 
WhiplashCDDB Ticket To MayhemVinyl 
WhiplashCDDB WhiplashCD 
White Knuckle TripCDDB When Translation Becomes AutomationCD 
White ZombieCDDB Astro-Creep: 2000CD 
WhitechapelCDDB The Somatic DefilementCD 
Wicker ManCDDB Wicker ManCD 
Wicker ManCDDB You Annoy Me 4.10CD 
Wild WonderfulCDDB Karma To BurnVinyl 
Will HavenCDDB Will HavenCD 
Windham HellCDDB Reflective Depths ImbibeCD 
WindsCDDB The Imaginary Direction Of TimeCD 
WinterCDDB Into DarknessCD 
Winter of ApokalypseCDDB Solitary Winter NightslipcaseCD 
Winter SolisticeCDDB The Fall of RomeCD 
WinterhordeCDDB NebulaCD 
Witch-HuntCDDB Prophecies of a Great PlagueCD 
Witch-HuntCDDB Souls Enshrouded FireCD 
WitcheryCDDB Dead, Hot and ReadyCD 
WitcheryCDDB Don't Fear The ReaperCD 
WitcheryCDDB Restless And DeadCD 
WitcheryCDDB WitchburnerCD 
With Or Without YouCDDB Six Reasons To Drop OutCD 
Withered EarthCDDB Into the Deepest WoundsCD 
Withered EarthCDDB Of Which They BleedCD 
Without WavesCDDB Scab PlatterCD 
Wolves in the Throne RoomCDDB Celestial LineageCD 
WombCDDB Disciples Of MockeryCD 
World BangCDDB PedofiendCD 
World of LiesCDDB Material GodCD 
World of LiesCDDB World of LiesCD 
WrathCDDB Fit Of AngerVinyl 
Wrath Child AmericaCDDB Climbin' The WallsVinyl 
Wrekking MachineCDDB Mechanistic TerminationCD 
WurdulakCDDB Ceremony in FlamesCD 
WurdulakCDDB Severed Eyes Of PossessionCD 

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