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Artists starting with 'C': [found 172 matching albums]
From Atlanta?
C.I.A.CDDB C.I.A.2 song promoVinyl 
C.I.A.CDDB In The RedVinyl 
CadaverCDDB In PainsCD 
Caliban/Heaven Shall BurnCDDB The Split ProgramCaliban=decent metalcore, split CDCD 
Callenish CircleCDDB Pitch.Black.EffectsCD 
CancerCDDB Death Shall RiseCD 
CancerCDDB The Sins Of MankindCD 
CancerCDDB To The Gory EndCD 
CandiriaCDDB 300% DensityCD 
CandiriaCDDB Signs of DiscontentCD 
CandiruCDDB Unloved and Weeded OutCD 
CandlemassCDDB Ancient DreamsVinyl 
CandlemassCDDB At The Gallow's End EPVinyl 
CandlemassCDDB CandlemassCD 
CandlemassCDDB Epicus Doomicus MetallicusVinyl 
CandlemassCDDB NightfallVinyl 
CannaeCDDB Gold Becomes Sacrificex2CD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB BloodthirstCD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB Butchered at BirthCD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB Eaten Back to LifeCD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB Gallery of Suicidecensored versionCD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB Gore ObsessedCD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB Hammer Smashed Face3 song promoCD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB KillCD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB Live CannibalismCD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB The Bleedingcensored versionCD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB Tomb of the MutilatedCD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB VileCD 
Cannibal Corpse/Cattle DecapitationCDDB Tour Sampler4 songs, interviewCD 
CanvasCDDB CanvasCD 
CapharnaumCDDB FracturedCD 
CarcassCDDB HeartworkCD 
CarcassCDDB Necrotism - Descanting the InsalubriousCD 
CarcassCDDB Peel SessionsCD 
CarcassCDDB SwansongCD 
CarcassCDDB Symphonies of SicknessCD 
CarcassCDDB Wake Up and Smell the CarcassCD 
Carnal ForgeCDDB FiredemonCD 
Carnal ForgeCDDB Please?? Die!CD 
Carnal ForgeCDDB Testify for my Victimsjewel caseCD 
CarnalityCDDB White ShowerCDAtlanta Band
CarnifexCDDB Until I Feel NothingCD 
CarnivoreCDDB RetaliationVinyl 
CarrionCDDB The Crime Of Idle HandsCD 
CataractCDDB KingdomCD 
CatharsisCDDB PassionCD 
CathedralCDDB Soul SacrificeCD 
CathedralCDDB Supernatural Death MachineCD 
CathedralCDDB The Carnival BizarreCD 
CathedralCDDB The Garden Of Unearthly DelightsCD 
CathedralCDDB Witchfinder General EPCD 
Cattle DecapitationCDDB HumanureCD 
Cattle DecapitationCDDB To Serve ManCD 
Cause for AlarmCDDB Birth After BirthCD 
Cause for AlarmCDDB Cheaters and the CheatedCD 
Cea SerinCDDB Chiaroscuro4 songsCD 
Celestial SeasonCDDB Solar LoversCD 
CelladorCDDB Enter DeceptionCD 
Celtic FrostCDDB I Won't DanceVinyl 
Celtic FrostCDDB Into The PandemoniumVinyl 
Celtic FrostCDDB MonotheistCD 
Celtic FrostCDDB Morbid TalesVinyl 
Celtic FrostCDDB Parched With Thirst And I am Dying: 1984-1992CD 
Celtic FrostCDDB To Mega TherionVinyl 
CemetaryCDDB An Evil Shade Of GreyCD 
CemetaryCDDB Last ConfessionsCD 
CemetaryCDDB SundownCD 
CentinexCDDB Reborn Through FlamesCD 
CentinexCDDB ReflectionsCD 
Central Nervous SystemCDDB Reality CheckCD 
Cephalic CarnageCDDB AnomaliesCD 
Cephalic CarnageCDDB Xenosapienjewel caseCD 
CerberusCDDB The Cage of ExistenceCD 
Cerebral FixCDDB Cerebral FixCD 
Cerebral FixCDDB Tower of SpiteCD 
Cernunnos!CDDB The BeastCDAtlanta Band
Channel ZeroCDDB UnsafeCD 
Children of BodomCDDB Are You Dead Yet?CD 
Children Of BodomCDDB Follow The ReaperCD 
Children Of BodomCDDB HatebreederCD 
Children of BodomCDDB Something WildCD 
Children of BodomCDDB Trashed, Lost and Strung OutslipcaseCD 
ChimairaCDDB ChimairaCD 
ChimairaCDDB The Impossibility of ReasonCD 
Chris CafferyCDDB FacesCD 
Christian DeathCDDB AmenCD 
Christian DeathCDDB Sex And Drugs And Jesus ChristVinyl 
Chronic DysenteryCDDB Under the Sign of the Illegible LogoCDAtlanta Band
ChthonicCDDB 9th EmpyreanCD 
ChthonicCDDB Seediq BaleCD 
ChumCDDB Dead to the World3 song promoCD 
CineraryCDDB Rituals Of DesecrationCDAtlanta Band
Cipher SystemCDDB Central Tunnel EightCD 
Circle II CircleCDDB Circle II CircleCD 
Circle JerksCDDB Oddities, Abnormalities, and CuriositiesVinyl 
Cirith UngolCDDB King Of The Deadno sleeveVinyl 
CivCDDB Civ3 song promoCD 
ClutchCDDB A Promo Named Marcus3 songsCD 
ClutchCDDB Blast TyrantCD 
ClutchCDDB Robot Hive/ExodusCD 
CoalesceCDDB 0:12 Revolution in Just ListeningCD 
Cold ColoursCDDB Somnium XIIICD 
Cold MoonCDDB Carnivorous Lunar ActivitiesCD 
ColdworkerCDDB The Contaminated Voidjewel caseCD 
ColiseumCDDB No Salvationhardcore, jewel caseCD 
ColossickCDDB The SeedCDAtlanta Band
Commit SuicideCDDB SyntheticsCD 
Compos MentisCDDB Fragments of a Withered DreamCD 
ConelradCDDB A Final DissolutionCD 
ConfessorCDDB CondemnedCD 
ConfessorCDDB Demo4 songsCD 
Control DeniedCDDB Fragile Art of ExistenceCD 
ConvergeCDDB No Heroesjewel caseCD 
ConvulseCDDB Lost EquilibriumCD 
ConvulseCDDB ReflectionsCD 
CoronerCDDB GrinCD 
CoronerCDDB Mental VortexCD 
CoronerCDDB No More ColorVinyl 
CoronerCDDB Punishment For DecadenceVinyl 
CorpsevomitCDDB Raping the Ears of Those AboveBurned copyCD 
Corrosion Of ConformityCDDB AnimosityVinyl 
Corrosion Of ConformityCDDB Eye For An EyeVinyl 
Corrosion of ConformityCDDB In the Arms of GodCD 
Corvus CoraxCDDB The Atavistic TriadCD 
CouldronCDDB CouldronCD 
CovenCDDB Blessed Is The BlackVinyl 
CovenCDDB Boneless ChristianCD 
CovenantCDDB Nexus PolarisCD 
Cradle of FilthCDDB Cruelty and the Beast2 discsCD 
Cradle of FilthCDDB Damnation and a DayCD 
Cradle of FilthCDDB Dusk and Her EmbraceCD 
Cradle of FilthCDDB Live Bait for the Dead - Disc OneBurned copyCD 
Cradle of FilthCDDB Live Bait for the Dead - Disc TwoBurned copyCD 
Cradle Of FilthCDDB Nympethamine (reissue)CD 
Cradle of FilthCDDB NymphetamineCD 
Cradle of FilthCDDB The Principle of Evil Made FleshCD 
Cradle of FilthCDDB ThornographyCD 
Cradle To GraveCDDB Cradle To GraveCD 
CrawlCDDB EarthCD 
CreeperCDDB CreeperCD 
CrematoriumCDDB The Process of EndtimeCD 
CrematoryCDDB Mazeno caseCD 
CretinCDDB FreakeryCD 
Crimson ThornCDDB UnearthedCD 
CrisisCDDB Deathshead ExterminationCD 
CrisisCDDB Like Sheep Led to SlaughterCD 
Cro-MagsCDDB The Age Of QuarrelVinyl 
CrowbarCDDB Broken GlassCD 
CrowbarCDDB CrowbarCD 
CrowbarCDDB Lifeblood For The DowntroddenCD 
CrowbarCDDB Live+1CD 
CrowbarCDDB Numb Sensitive2 song promoCD 
CrowbarCDDB Odd Fellows RestCD 
CrowbarCDDB Time Heals NothingCD 
Crown of ThornzCDDB Mentally VexedCD 
Crown of ThornzCDDB Train Yard BluesCD 
CrowpathCDDB Old Cuts and Blunt KnivesCD 
CrowpathCDDB Red On ChromeCD 
CrowpathCDDB Son Of SulphurCD 
CrucifixionCDDB Desert Of Shattered HopesCD 
Crush EfektCDDB EclipsedCD 
CryhavocCDDB Sweetbriersno caseCD 
Cryptic SlaughterCDDB Speak Your PeaceCD 
CryptopsyCDDB Once Was NotCD 
Cult of DaathCDDB Slit Throats and Ritual NightsCD 
Curl Up and DieCDDB The One Above All, The End Of All That IsCD 
CursedCDDB TwoCD 
Cuti SaddaCDDB Pentagrams All Up In My Bling BlingCD 
CyborgCDDB ChorniclesCD 
CycloneCDDB Brutal DestructionVinyl 
Cyco MikoCDDB Cyco MikoCD 
Cystic DysenteryCDDB Culture of DeathCD 

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