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Playlist >> March 18th 2023

Devin TownsendEffervescent! / True North Paul 
Black Crown InitiateGreat Mistake Paul 
ObscuraSolaris Paul 
Keep Of KalessinDragon Iconography make-up for last week's audio weirdnessPaul 
Dimmu BorgirIntradimensional Summit Paul 
Fear FactoryReplica[Request]  make-up for last week's audio weirdnessPaul 
EnsiferumCold Northland Paul 
MetallicaWhiskey In The Jar[Request]  as yesterday was St.Patrick's DayPaul 
Iron Maiden22 Acacia Avenue Paul 
Summoner's CircleChaos Vectorupcoming show March 24thPaul 
PrimordialEmpire Fallsawesome Irish bandPaul 
PowerwolfDancing With The Dead Paul 
Lunar ChamberSpirit Body And The Seeing Selfbrand-new from this ATL bandPaul 
ImmortalOne By One Paul 
NileLashed To The Slave Stick Paul 
Withering SoulAscent To Madness Paul 
HexenkladHeathenheart Paul 
OpethThe Drapery Falls Paul 
Dimmu BorgirPerfection Or Vanity Paul 

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