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Playlist >> February 22nd 2020

AmorphisThe Bee Paul 
Children Of BodomIntro / Silent Night, Bodom Nightwith the traditional console editPaul 
EneferensAmethyst Paul 
Demons And WizardsDiabolicnew album III came out FridayPaul 
EmperorI Am The Black Wizards Paul 
IhsahnStridigperforming at ProgPower USA XXI next September..and sponsored by yours truly!Paul 
Vale Of PnathSpectre Of Bone[Request]  ticket giveawayPaul 
Blood IncantationSlave Species Of The Gods August 
Coffin RotCopromesis / Saw Blade Suiciderecord skipped August 
ContaminatedStarved / Co-opted Into Worthless Sludge August 
Spectral VoiceIneffable Winds August 
CarcinoidRavenous Being August 
Mephitic CorpseDrinking Liquid Rot August 
FluidsCaught August 
Dead InfectionLife Of A Surgeon August 
Lurker Of ChalicePiercing Where They Might Kyle 
Maquahuitl Roaring Rivers Of Clashing Mountains (apanohuaya - Tepetl Monamoclia) Kyle 
MastodonDivinations Kyle 
SabbatGodz Of Satan Kyle 
GravLivets Smädande Fördömelser Kyle 
SanguisugaboggSucculent Decedent Kyle 
WalknutMotherland Ostenvegr Kyle 
OverkillMean, Green, Killing Machine Kraken 
Toxic HolocaustNuke The Cross Kraken 
NevermoreThe Fault Of The Flesh[Request]   Kraken 
Devin TownsendLucky Animals Kraken 
WormreichHis Will Is Eternal Kraken 
PestillenceEchoes Of Death Kraken 
HammerfallBlood Bound Kraken 

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