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Playlist >> December 3rd 2022

Devin Townsend ProjectEffervescent! / True North Paul 
ImmortalGates Of Blashrykh Paul 
Be'lakorAn Ember's Arc Paul 
StarkillSword, Spear, Blood, Fire Paul 
TherionLitany Of The FallenGrigori, Sehm-Yaza, the Watcher Culture, sure!Paul 
BehemothThe Reign Of Shemsu-horWatcher culture song #2Paul 
1914Arrival. The Meuse-argonne Paul 
Mors Principium EstThe Awakening / Departure Paul 
Blind GuardianSecrets Of The American Gods Paul 
Lorna Shore...and I Return To Nothingness Paul 
AeternamThe Fall Of ConstantinopleFrom Heir of the Rising SunPaul 
EnsiferumCold Northland Paul 
Epoch Of UnlightNight Hunt Paul 
GyzeThe Rising Dragon Paul 
Omnium GatherumReckoning Paul 
Black Crown InitiateFor Red Cloud Paul 
EvergreyForever Outsider Paul 
Dark FuneralWe Are The Apocalypsedirect support for Cannibal Corpse on Dec. 9thPaul 
PolyphiaEgo Death  Paul 

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