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Playlist >> December 15th 2018  (Misanthropic Aggression live in-studio)

DismemberDismembered August 
UndergangStranguleret August 
GorephiliaHarmageddon Of Souls August 
Carnage Torn Apart August 
Burial InvocationVisions Of The Hereafter  August 
PhrenelithEradicated August 
EmperorInno A Satana August 
ImmolationInto Everlasting Fireannounced to play here in March for the Decibel Magazine tour!August 
Misanthropic AggressionProve Yourselfin studio guests playing here Wednesday with Cannabis Corpse and Strategic WarheadsAugust 
His Hero Is GoneLike Leedsin studio requestAugust 
Strategic War HeadsWar Head[Request]  playing here on 12/19 with Misanthropic Aggression and Cannabis CorpseAugust 
SlaughterStrapadoin studio request from MelkorAugust 
Angel WitchAngel Witch August 
ConvulseFalse Religion August 
Septic TankDeath FaceIn studio Request from Tyler PeacockKraken 
HorrendousPavor Nocturnus Kraken 
PaladinCall Of The Night Kraken 
Tengger CalvaryKhaan Kraken 
DarkthroneRex Kraken 
OndskaptArisen From The Ashes Kraken 
Cannabis CorpseI Will Smoke You Kraken 
Lich KingWage Slave Kraken 
CandlemassThe Omega Circlenew song out yesterdayKraken 
Dimmu BorgirThe Insight And The Catharsis Paul 
Old Man's ChildThe Soul Receiver[Request]  in-studio requestPaul 
ExmortusFor The Horde Paul 
Children Of BodomIntro / Silent Night, Bodom Night Paul 
EnsiferumTwilight Tavernupcoming showPaul 
Septic FleshBehold...the Land Of Promise / UnbelieverAlso playing with EnsiferumPaul 
ArsisElegant And Perverse Paul 
SepulturaRoots Bloody Roots[Request]   Paul 
Devin Townsend ProjectTruth (live In Plovdiv 2017)going out to our friend Hammersack, thanks for the amazing carved wooden plaquePaul 
SummoningFlammiferfor the suddenly-appearing-online MalachiPaul 
EquilibriumManalong, epic instrumental to close out the show while I write an apology email to the station's General Manager...oops!Paul 

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