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Playlist >> February 16th 2019

MorticianWitch's Coven August 
Chthe'ilistThe Voices From Beneath The Well August 
MidnightLust, Filth And Sleeze August 
Electric WizardBarbarian[Request]  couldn't play the requested songAugust 
PissgraveImpaled Vibration August 
HeresiarchHarbinger August 
EnsepulcherNo Sanctity In Deathfull demoAugust 
Coffin RotUnmarked, Shallow Grave August 
ScorchedEmerging Decay / Fevered Souls  August 
Morbid AngelPain Divine August 
DeathPull The Plug August 
Unholy Vampyric Slaughter SectPrepped For Ritual Face The New Moon/ Await The Wolf In A Circle Of White Light Kyle 
MusmahhuApocalyptic Brigade Of Forbidden Realms Kyle 
SinmaraCrimson Stars Kyle 
ObskuritatemVampir Kyle 
Nocturnal TriumphIntro/the Key And The Stone Kyle 
Carved CrossThe Dawning Of Comprehension Underwhelms All Who Bask In Its Light  Kyle 
HelloweenEagle Fly FreeMoving FAR away from potato black metalKraken 
PaladinBury The Light Kraken 
Aether RealmAether Realm Kraken 
TurisasStand Up And Fight Kraken 
Suppressive FireThe Hellwraith Kraken 
Black MassMountain Of Skulls Kraken 
Toxic HolocaustIn The Name Of Science Kraken 
ArtilleryBack In The Trash Kraken 
CandlemassCrystal Ball Kraken 

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