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Playlist >> October 20th 2018

TurisasTake The Day! Paul 
ImmortalNorthern Chaos Gods Paul 
IhsahnArcana Imperii Paul 
AlestormDrink Paul 
Carach AngrenTwo Flies Flew Into A Black Sugar Cobwebticket giveawayPaul 
Fear FactoryResurrection Paul 
BehemothConquer Allticket giveawayPaul 
AmorphisThe Bee Paul 
Dimmu BorgirHe Serpentine Offering[Request]   Paul 
Mors Principium EstThe Awakening / Departureticket giveawayPaul 
DeafheavenDream Housecontest giveawayPaul 
Bal-sagothDreaming Of Atlantean Spires[Request]   Paul 
Cannibal CorpseHammer Smashed Face[Request]   Paul 
BehemothO Father O Satan O Soncontest giveawayPaul 
CovenantThe Sulphur Feast Paul 
NevermoreEvolution 169[Request]   Paul 
CarcassThis Mortal Coil Paul 
Children Of BodomSilent Night, Bodom Night (live)from the radio-safe Stockholm Knockout sampler CDPaul 
Blind GuardianTanelorn (into The Void) Paul 
DeathCrystal Mountain Paul 
Ne ObliviscarisAnd Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscopethis one's for meeeeeeeePaul 
ObscuraEmergent Evolution Paul 
SavatageWhen The Crowds Are Goner.i.p. Criss OlivaPaul 

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