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Playlist >> October 23rd 2021

BelzebubsThe Crowned Daughters / Dark Mother Paul 
NecrophagistFermented Offal Discharge Paul 
TestamentAllegiance[Request]   Paul 
Ne ObliviscarisAnd Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope Paul 
Be'lakorFoothold new albumPaul 
Amon AmarthFather Of The Wolf Paul 
Children Of BodomEverytime I Die[Request]   Paul 
Blinding SunIt Wells Up From Depths Without Especial Cause Kyle 
Lamp Of MurmuurHarbinger Of Blasphemies To Come Kyle 
MäleficenttVeiled In Gloom Kyle 
WormCenturies Of Oozenew album ForevergladeKyle 
Auld RidgeMassacre In 437 Kyle 
NahtrunarMysterium Tremendum Kyle 
The GatheringStrange Machines[Request]   Kraken 
Lich KingLich King V: Stalemate Kraken 
SacrificeSacrifice Kraken 
GhoulCoffins And Curios Kraken 
VitriolA Gentle Gift Kraken 
RiotSwords And Tequila Kraken 
Medieval SteelMedieval Steel Kraken 
Vio-lenceKill On Command Kraken 
Power TripSoul Sacrifice Paul 
KamelotThe Black Halo Paul 
DelainHands Of Gold Paul 
Symphony XSerpent's Kiss Paul 
MushroomheadTattoo Paul 
Altered DeadRotting Outward Paul 
Dying FetusIn The Trenches Paul 
Insect WarfareEvolved Into Obliteration/hydraphobia[Request]   Paul 
Cannibal CorpseSplit Wide Open Paul 
Hate EternalThe Violent Fury Paul 
NocturnusLake Of Fire[Request]   Paul 
WhitechapelTo All That Are Dead Paul 
NileBlackened Seeds Of Vengeance Paul 
Dream TheaterScene Three: Ii. Fatal Tragedy Paul 
SlayerWar Ensemble Paul 

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