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Playlist >> November 16th 2019  (Also filling in for Stonehenge from 11:45 pm to midnight. )

Gladiator SoundtrackThe Might Of Romeup through the crescendo, then....Paul 
KamelotNew Allegiance / The Fourth Legacy..into Kamelot, as they did at ProgPower USAPaul 
ImmortalTyrants Paul 
Devin TownsendEarth Daybirthday song for Matthew -- requires several editsPaul 
Dimmu BorgirSpellbound (by The Devil) Paul 
NilePapyrus Containing The Spell To Preserve Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In The Water Paul 
Omnium GatherumWrithen Paul 
Keep Of KalessinDragon Iconography Paul 
OpethDemon Of The Fall Paul 
1349I Am Abominationplaying later tonight at 529 with Uada, etc.Paul 
Jag PanzerPower Surge Kraken 
SatanInto The Fire // Trial By Fire Kraken 
Acid BathBleed Me An Ocean[Request]   Kraken 
Ex DeoI, Caligvla[Request]   Kraken 
EcryptusShadow Nemesis Kraken 
Sadistic RitualFuneral Raid Kraken 
Murder VanDeath Rider Kraken 
Broken TrinityCulled By Odins Hand Kraken 
Cannibal CorpseMeat Hook Sodomy Kraken 
Cattle DecapitationBring Back The Plague Kraken 
OmState Of Non-return[Request]   Kraken 
InferiBehold The Bearer Of Light Kraken 
NailsSavage IntoleranceTIME FOR ONSLAUGHTKraken 
SoothslayerDeadly Fear?!?!Kraken 
SkeletonwitchSerpents Unleashed!!!Kraken 
Municipal WasteAmateur Sketch!!!Kraken 
S.o.d.Speak English Or Die!!!Kraken 
Ed GeinA Way To Kill Old People[Request]  !!!!!Kraken 
VaderThey Live!!!!!!Kraken 
Viscera InfestParacoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis...!!!Kraken 
CandlemassDeath Thy Lover Kraken 

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