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Playlist >> September 11th 2021

TurisasTake The Day! Paul 
BelzebubsThe Faustian Alchemist Paul 
Countless SkiesSummit Paul 
EmperorThe Majesty Of The Nightsky Paul 
InsomniumEquivalence / Down With The Sun Paul 
IssoleiThe Edifice Undonefrom new EP Devouring Current I: Crystalline FracturesKyle 
Sort VokterKveldstimer Kyle 
Eerified CatacombThe Beast's Commands To Kill Kyle 
InferiCarving Thine Kingdom Kyle 
Chthe'ilistTales Of The Majora Mythos Part 1 Kyle 
MäleficenttBefore The Sun Dies Kyle 
Lamp Of MurmuurOf Infernal Passion And Aberrations Kyle 
Fear FactoryEscape Confusion[Request]   Kyle 
Dying FetusSubjected To A Beating Paul 
Insect WarfareArmored Virus Paul 
NailsMade To Make You Fail Paul 
Altered DeadMental Suicide Paul 
KataklysmLike Angels Weeping The Dark Paul 
Morbid AngelHe Who Sleeps Paul 
MeshuggahFuture Breed Machine Paul 
Keep Of KalessinDragon Iconography Paul 
Ne ObliviscarisAnd Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope Paul 
Alien WeaponryTangaroatitle track from new album out Sept. 17thPaul 
NevermoreDreaming Neon Black Paul 
Be'lakorHidden Windowfrom new album CoherencePaul 
PowerwolfBeast Of Gevaudon Paul 
SavatageWhen The Crowds Are Gone Paul 

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