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Playlist >> September 15th 2018

Mors Principium EstThe Awakening / Departure Paul 
Judas PriestThe Hellion / Electric Eyefor those who saw the show earlier tonightPaul 
InsomniumEquivalence / Down With The Sunannounced for ProgPower USA, September 2019Paul 
Cradle Of FilthExquisite Torments Await... / Heartbreak And Seance Paul 
ImmortalGates To Blashyrkh Paul 
GatecreeperMastery Of Power August 
IskraA Pig In Every Homefor Scout, who was murdered by GTPD a year ago tomorrowAugust 
Blind GuardianMajesty August 
Ascended DeadLast Ritual August 
Spectral VoiceHorrid Phantasm August 
PissgraveBlood Fog August 
Morbid AngelGod Of Emptiness August 
AssückThe Perpetual Cycle/ World Of Confusion/ Civilization Comes, Civilization Goes/ Page By Page  August 
Witch VomitRipped From The Crypt August 
ArckanumSkoghens Minnen Vækksfrom vinylKyle 
ArchgoatJezebels Black Mass Orgy Kyle 
GorgutsEnemies Of Compassion Kyle 
Ne ObliviscarisLibera (part I) - Saturnine Spheres Kyle 
ObskuritatemGospodar Samoće Kyle 
NekrofilthScum Freak Kyle 
SabbatEvil Nations Kyle 
TriosphereSteal Away The Light Kyle 
MetallicaFor Whom The Bell Tolls[Request]  From 2 weeks agoKraken 
Eminent KaosSinFrom Southern Brutality FestKraken 
DissonaOdiumIn studio request from LamarKraken 
Municipal WasteSadistic MagicianIn studio request from LamarKraken 
Cloven HoofCloven Hoof Kraken 
PaladinCall Of The Night Kraken 
SuffocationSurgery Of ImpalementIn studio request from lamarKraken 
Orphaned LandOnly The Dead Have Seen The End Of WarThey need a nobel prizeKraken 
ObscuraDiluvium Paul 
DisembowelmentYour Prophetic Throne Of Ivory[Request]   Paul 
Dimmu BorgirA Succubus In Rapture Paul 

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