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From Atlanta?
L.U.N.G.S.CDDB L.U.N.G.S. [promo]3 song promoCD 
Laaz RockitCDDB Annihilation PrincipleVinyl 
Laaz RockitCDDB City's Gonna BurnVinyl 
Laaz RockitCDDB Holiday In CambodiaVinyl 
Laaz RockitCDDB Know Your EnemyVinyl 
Lacrimas ProfundereCDDB Fall, I Will FollowCD 
Lacuna CoilCDDB Lacuna CoilCD 
Lacuna CoilCDDB Unleashed MemoriesCD 
LaethoraCDDB March of the Parasitemelodic death (slipcase)CD 
Lake of TearsCDDB HeadstonesCD 
Lamb of GodCDDB Ashes of the WakeCleanCD 
Lamb of GodCDDB Killadelphiafrom Live DVDCD 
Lawnmower DeathCDDB Return of the Fabulous Metal Bozo ClownsCD 
LeewayCDDB Open Mouth KissCD 
Legion Of The DamnedCDDB Malevolent RaptureCD 
Legion XCDDB Demonic HourCDAtlanta Band
Lemming ProjectCDDB Hate and DespiseCD 
LevelCDDB Icarus EPCDAtlanta Band
LeviathanCDDB Leviathan/Sapthuran splitBlack metalCD 
Leviathan/SapthuranCDDB Splitjewel caseCD 
Liege LordCDDB Burn To My TouchVinyl 
Liege LordCDDB Master ControlVinyl 
Life of AgonyCDDB UglyCD 
Lift (6) EighteenCDDB ClipCD 
LigeiaCDDB Your Ghost Is A GiftCD 
Light This CityCDDB Facing the ThousandCD 
Light This CityCDDB Remains of the GodsCD 
LilituCDDB The Delores Lesionx2CDAtlanta Band
LividityCDDB Fetish for the SickCD 
LividityCDDB The Age of Clitoral DecayCD 
Living DeathCDDB Protected From RealityVinyl 
Living SacrificeCDDB NonexistentCD 
Living SacrificeCDDB The Hammering ProcessCD 
LockupCDDB Pleasures Pave SewersCD 
Long Winter's StareCDDB The Tears of Odin's FallenCD 
Lord BelialCDDB Revelation: The 7th Sealblack metalCD 
Lord BelialCDDB Unholy CrusadeCD 
Lorde of All DesiresCDDB The Scent of MalevolenceCD 
Lorna ShoreCDDB PsalmsCD 
LOSACDDB The Perfect MomentCD 
LossCDDB Life Without Hope... Death Without ReasonCD 
Loss For WordsCDDB PreyVinyl 
Loss of BreathCDDB UnsavedCD 
Lost EdenCDDB Cycle RepeatsMelodic death (slipcase)CD 
Louder Than GodCDDB Louder Than GodCD 
LoudnessCDDB Thunder In The EastVinyl 
Love HistoryCDDB AnasaziCD 
LudichristCDDB Immaculate DeceptionVinyl 
LudichristCDDB PowertripVinyl 
Luna Ad NoctumCDDB Dimness ProfoundCD 
Luna FieldCDDB DivaCD 
LunaticCDDB Uncontrollable HatredCD 
Lust of DecayCDDB Infesting the ExhumedCDAtlanta Band
LuxtCDDB American BeastCD 

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