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From Atlanta?
Babes and Beavis and Butt-Head in ToylandCDDB Bruise Violet3 song promoCD 
Babylon SadCDDB KyrieCD 
Bad BrainsCDDB HairCD 
Bad BrainsCDDB QuicknessVinyl 
Bad Motor UziCDDB DemoCDAtlanta Band
Bal-SagothCDDB Atlantis AscendantCD 
Bal-SagothCDDB The Power CosmicCD 
BaneCDDB The NoteCD 
BaronessCDDB Red AlbumCD 
BathoryCDDB Blood on IceCD 
BathoryCDDB Blood on Ice [promo]3 song promoCD 
BathoryCDDB Jubileum Volume ICD 
BathoryCDDB Jubileum Volume IICD 
BathoryCDDB OctagonCD 
Bathtub ShitterCDDB Dance Hall GrindCD 
Bathtub ShitterCDDB Lifetime ShitlistCD 
Battalion of SaintsCDDB Death R UsCD 
BattleloreCDDB EvernightCD 
Becoming the ArchetypeCDDB Terminate DamnationCD 
BeheadedCDDB Ominous BloodlineCD 
BehemothCDDB DemigodCD 
BehemothCDDB Thelema.6CD 
Behold... The ArctopusCDDB Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg SummoningCD 
BelieverCDDB DimensionsCD 
BelladonnaCDDB BelladonnaCD 
BelladonnaCDDB Rob You Blind - The Interview DiscCD 
BenedictionCDDB Grind BastardCD 
BenedictionCDDB Organized ChaosCD 
BenedictionCDDB The Dreams You DreadCD 
BenedictionCDDB The Grand LevelerCD 
BenedictionCDDB Transcend The RubiconCD 
BenumbCDDB By Means of UpheavalCD 
BenumbCDDB Soul of the MartyrCD 
BenumbCDDB Withering Strands Of HopeCD 
BeorscipCDDB 1998CD 
BeorscipeCDDB Sacrifices for the FutureCDAtlanta Band
BeoscipCDDB CDAtlanta Band
BethlehemCDDB Profane Fetmilch Lentz Elf KrankCD 
BetrayerCDDB My Twisted SymphonyCD 
Between the Buried And MeCDDB Alaskax2CD 
Between The Buried And MeCDDB The Anatomy OfCD 
Between The Buried And MeCDDB The Silent CircusCD 
BeyondCDDB ReassembleCD 
Beyond PossessionCDDB Is Beyond PossessionVinyl 
Big HateCDDB Sugar Glider2 song promoCD 
BileCDDB No I don??t know1 song promoCD 
BileCDDB TeknowhoreCD 
BiohazardCDDB A Lot to Learn1 song promoCD 
BiohazardCDDB Five Blocks to the SubwayCD 
BiohazardCDDB Kill or Be KilledCD 
BiohazardCDDB Mata Editoclean versionCD 
BiohazardCDDB Mata LeaoCD 
BiohazardCDDB No Holds BarredCD 
BiohazardCDDB Radio DisciplineCD 
BiohazardCDDB Sate of the World Addressclean versionCD 
BiohazardCDDB SwitchbackCD 
BiohazardCDDB Tales From the Hard Side1 song promoCD 
BiohazardCDDB Urban DisciplineCD 
Black CobraCDDB InvernalCD 
Black CrossCDDB Widows Bloody WidowsCD 
Black HellCDDB DeformersCD 
Black Label SocietyCDDB 4 song promosongs from MafiaCD 
Black Label SocietyCDDB MafiaCD 
Black Label SocietyCDDB Shot To HellCD 
Black SabbathCDDB Master of RealityCD 
Black SabbathCDDB The Dio Yearsjewel caseCD 
Black SabbathCDDB TyrVinyl 
Black WitcheryCDDB Upheaval of Satanic MightslipcaseCD 
Bleeding ThroughCDDB The Truth (2 song promo)CD 
Blessed DeathCDDB Destined For ExtinctionVinyl 
Blessed DeathCDDB Kill Or Be KilledVinyl 
Blessing the HogsCDDB The Twelve Gauge SolutionCD 
Blind GuardianCDDB A Twist in the Mythjewel caseCD 
BloodCDDB ChristbaitCD 
BloodCDDB O Agios PethaneCD 
Blood DusterCDDB CuntCD 
Blood DusterCDDB YeastCD 
Blood FeastCDDB Kill for PleasureCD 
Blood for BloodCDDB Spit my Last BreathCD 
Blood HavenCDDB Religious SuffocationCD 
Blood of ChristCDDB ??A Dream to RememberCD 
Blood of ChristCDDB Breeding ChaosCD 
Blood Red Throne/Severe TortureCDDB A Taste For ButcherysplitCD 
BloodaxeCDDB Raping the AncientCD 
BloodbathCDDB Breeding Death3 song promoCD 
BloodbathCDDB Nightmares Made FleshCD 
BloodchurnCDDB Ravenous ConsumptionCD 
BloodletCDDB EntheogenCD 
BloodletCDDB The Seraphim FallCD 
Bloodlined CalligraphyCDDB They Want You SilentCD 
BloodsimpleCDDB A Cruel WorldCD 
Bloody SodsCDDB Bloody Sods7 songsCD 
Bloody SodsCDDB Get Outta My HeadCD 
Blue HolocaustCDDB Twitch of the Death NerveCD 
Blut Aus NordCDDB The Work Which Transforms GodCD 
Bob EvansCDDB Jersey City Spring Water1 song promoCD 
Body CountCDDB Body CountCD 
Body CountCDDB Clean MixesAll tracks are cleanCD 
Body CountCDDB Mentally DisturbedCD 
Body CountCDDB Necessary Evil4 song promoCD 
BoilerCDDB Yee-Haw!!!CD 
Bolt ThrowerCDDB ?For VictoryCD 
Bolt ThrowerCDDB MercenaryCD 
Bolt ThrowerCDDB The 4th CrusadeCD 
Bolt ThrowerCDDB The Peel Sessions 1988-1990CD 
Bolt ThrowerCDDB Those Once LoyalCD 
BongzillaCDDB AmerijuanicanCD 
BongzillaCDDB GatewayCD 
BorknagarCDDB EmpiricismCD 
BorknagarCDDB EpicCD 
BorknagarCDDB QuintessenceCD 
BorknagarCDDB The Olden DomainCD 
Born From PainCDDB In Love With the EndCD 
BrainstormCDDB Liquid MonsterCD 
BrodequinCDDB Instruments of TortureCD 
BrodequinCDDB Methods Of ExecutionCD 
BrokenCDDB TanjrasCD 
Broken HopeCDDB Loathingno cd??CD 
Broken HopeCDDB Repulsive ConceptionCD 
Broken HopeCDDB The Bowels of RepugnanceCD 
Bruce DickinsonCDDB Alive in Studio A2 discsCD 
Bruce DickinsonCDDB Tyranny of SoulsCD 
BrujeriaCDDB Mextremist HitsCD 
BrujeriaCDDB Raza OdiadaCD 
Brutal TruthCDDB Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme ResponsesCD 
Brutal TruthCDDB Kill Trend SuicideCD 
Brutal TruthCDDB Need To ControlCD 
Brutal TruthCDDB Sounds of the Animal KingdomCD 
BurialCDDB Enlightened With PainCD 
Burial RitesCDDB 2004 Demo4 songs (song titles not known)CDAtlanta Band
Burial RitesCDDB Burial Rites5 song demoCDAtlanta Band
Buried InsideCDDB Chronoclastx2CD 
Burn In SilenceCDDB Angel MakerCD 
Burn the PriestCDDB Burn the PriestCD 
Burning SkiesCDDB Murder By Means Of ExistenceCD 
Burnt by the SunCDDB Burnt by the SunCD 
Burnt by the SunCDDB Soundtrack to the Personal RevolutionCD 
Bury Your DeadCDDB Cover Your TracksCD 
BurzumCDDB Burzum/AskeCD 
Butt TrumpetCDDB Primitive EnemaCD 
BuzzovenCDDB SoreCD 
BuzzovenCDDB Unwilling to ExplainCD 
By NightCDDB Burn The FlagsCD 
ByzantineCDDB And They Shall Take Up SerpentsCD 
ByzantineCDDB To Release Is To ResolveCD 

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