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From Atlanta?
13 FacesCDDB These Bloody HandsCD 
1349CDDB HellfireCD 
27CDDB Songs From the Edge of the WingCD 
3 Inches Of BloodCDDB Advance And VanquishCD 
3 Inches of BloodCDDB Fire Up the BladesCD 
59 Times The PainCDDB Twenty Percent of My HandCD 
6 Prong PawCDDB 6 Prong Paw5 song promoCD 
6L6CDDB Not Even WarmCD 
8-RedCDDB Undervalued FeelingsCD 
A Life Once LostCDDB HunterCD 
A Perfect MurderCDDB Strength Through VengeanceCD 
A18CDDB Forever After NothingCD 
A18CDDB Dear FuriousCD 
AbigorCDDB Channeling the Quintessence of SatanCD 
AbigorCDDB In MemoryCD 
AbominantCDDB UngodlyCD 
AbominantCDDB The Way AfterCD 
AbominantCDDB Upon Black Horizonsx2CDAtlanta Band
AbominantCDDB Onward to AnnihilationCD 
AbominatorCDDB Damnations ProphecyCD 
AbortedCDDB Goremageddon: The Saw And The Carnage DoneCD 
AbortedCDDB The Archaic Abattoirslip caseCD 
AbscessCDDB Seminal Vampires and Maggot MenCD 
AbscessCDDB TormentedCD 
AbscessCDDB Urine JunkiesCD 
AbscessCDDB Damned And MummifiedCD 
Absolute SteelCDDB Womanizerjewel caseCD 
AbsuCDDB Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L.CD 
AbsuCDDB In The Eyes Of JoldanachCD 
AbsuCDDB Mythological Occult Metal 1991-20012CDCD 
AbwhoreCDDB Abwhore3 song demo from 1999CDAtlanta Band
AC/DCCDDB Back in BlackCD 
Accursed DawnCDDB Manifest Damnation [The Creation Affect]CD 
AcheronCDDB Tribute To The Devil's MusicCD 
AcheronCDDB Decade Infernus 1988-1998CD 
Acid BathCDDB Paegan Terrorism TacticsCD 
Acid BathCDDB 6 Radio Edits from "When The Kite String Pops"CD 
Acid ReignCDDB MoshkinsteinVinyl 
AcrophetCDDB Corrupt MindsVinyl 
AdramelechCDDB SevenCD 
AdversaryCDDB The Winter's HarvestCD 
Aesma DaevaCDDB The Eros Of Frigid BeautyCD 
AeturnusCDDB From Blackest DarknerssCD 
AfflictedCDDB Prodigal SonCD 
After ForeverCDDB Invisible CirclesCD 
AgallochCDDB Pale FolkloreCD 
AgallochCDDB Ashes Against The GrainCD 
AgathoclesCDDB Thanks for Your HostilityCD 
AgathodaimonCDDB Serpent's EmbraceCD 
Age Of SilenceCDDB Accelerationx2CD 
Agents of ManCDDB Count Your BlessingsCD 
Agnostic FrontCDDB Cause For AlarmVinyl 
Agnostic FrontCDDB Riot Riot UpstartCD 
Agnostic FrontCDDB Last WarningCD 
Agnostic FrontCDDB Another VoiceCD 
Agnostic FrontCDDB Live at CBGBand DVDCD 
Agony ColumnCDDB God, Guns, And GutsVinyl 
AinaCDDB Days of Rising DoomCD 
AkimboCDDB City of the StarsCD 
AlchemistCDDB Austral AlienCD 
AlchemistCDDB Tripsispsychedelic death metalCD 
AletheianCDDB Dying VineCD 
AlkhemyCDDB Alkhemy3 songsCDAtlanta Band
All Else FailedCDDB This Never HappenedCD 
All Out WarCDDB Condemned to SufferCD 
All Shall PerishCDDB Hate Malice RevengeCD 
All Shall PerishCDDB The Price Of ExistenceCD 
AltarCDDB ProvokeCD 
AmdusciasCDDB AmdusciasCD 
Amidst The WitheringCDDB Ars MoriendiCDAtlanta Band
Amoebic DysenteryCDDB Frothy Piss Drinkers Demo EP 2005x2CDAtlanta Band
Amoebic DysenteryCDDB Hospice OrgyCDAtlanta Band
Amon AmarthCDDB The CrusherCD 
Amon AmarthCDDB The AvengerCD 
Amon AmarthCDDB With Oden On Our SideCD 
AmorphisCDDB Black Winter Day EPCD 
AmorphisCDDB Far From The SunCD 
AmorphisCDDB EclipseCD 
AmorphisCDDB Silent WatersslipcaseCD 
AmsvartnerCDDB The Trollish MirrorCD 
An Isle Ate HerCDDB PhreniaCDAtlanta Band
Anaal NathrakhCDDB The Codex NecroBurned copyCD 
AnacrusisCDDB Manic ImpressionsCD 
AnacrusisCDDB ReasonCD 
Anal CuntCDDB Morbid FloristCD 
Anal CuntCDDB I Like It When You DieCD 
Anal CuntCDDB Top 40 HitsCD 
Anal CuntCDDB 40 More Reasons to Hate UsCD 
AnalogCDDB The ContentionCD 
AnasarcaCDDB GodmachineCD 
AnathemaCDDB EternityCD 
AnathemaCDDB Pentecost III EPCD 
AncientCDDB Mad Grandiose BloodfiendsCD 
AncientCDDB The Halls of EnternityCD 
AncientCDDB The Cainian ChronicleCD 
Angel BlakeCDDB Angel BlakeCD 
Angel CorpseCDDB ExterminateCD 
Angel DustCDDB Enlighten the DarknessCD 
Angel DustCDDB BleedCD 
AngelcorpseCDDB Of Lucifer and Lightningjewel caseCD 
Angkor WatCDDB When Obscenity Becomes The NormVinyl 
Anima DamnataCDDB Agonizing Journey Through The Burning Universe and Transcendental Ritual of TransfigurationCD 
AnimosityCDDB Get Off My BackVinyl 
AnimosityCDDB EmpiresCD 
AnklaCDDB Steep TrailsCD 
AnnihilatorCDDB Never, Neverland (promo)2 songsVinyl 
AnnihilatorCDDB Never, Neverland (promo #2)2 songsVinyl 
AnnihilatorCDDB All For YouCD 
AnnihilatorCDDB Schizo DeluxeCD 
AnthraxCDDB I'm The Man EPVinyl 
AnthraxCDDB Persistence Of TimeVinyl 
AnthraxCDDB Fistful Of MetalVinyl 
AnthraxCDDB Attack Of The Killer B'sVinyl 
AnthraxCDDB Black Lodge EPVinyl 
AnthraxCDDB We've Come for You AllCD 
AnthraxCDDB Safe Home Sampler3 songsCD 
AnthraxCDDB Stomp 442CD 
AnthraxCDDB Free B's3 song promoCD 
AnthraxCDDB LiveCD 
AnthraxCDDB The Greater Of Two EvilsCD 
AnthraxCDDB A Glimpse Of Evil3 song promoCD 
AntiseenCDDB Eat More PossumCD 
AphasiaCDDB Inner PerceptionCD 
ApiaryCDDB Lost In FocusCD 
Apocalyptic VisionsCDDB Apocalyptic Visions2 tracksCD 
Apocalyptic VisionsCDDB Demonstration of ForceCD 
Apocalyptic VisionsCDDB Know Your Enemy, Know YourselfCD 
Apocalyptic VisionsCDDB Doomsday DeviceCDAtlanta Band
Arch EnemyCDDB Anthems Of RebellionCD 
Arch EnemyCDDB Doomsday Machine Samplerpaper case, 2-tracksCD 
Arch EnemyCDDB Doomsday MachineCD 
Arch EnemyCDDB Black EarthreissueCD 
ArcturusCDDB The Sham MirrorsCD 
Arduous TaskCDDB Spawn of the Sacrilegesplit with GravewurmCD 
Armani Death MachineCDDB Cat. 5 EP4 songsCDAtlanta Band
Armored SaintCDDB Delirious NomadVinyl 
Armored SaintCDDB Saints Will ConquerVinyl 
Armored SaintCDDB March Of The SaintVinyl 
Armored SaintCDDB RevelationCD 
ArsisCDDB A Celebration Of GuiltCD 
ArsisCDDB A Diamond For DiseaseCD 
ArsisCDDB United in RegretCD-R, jewel caseCD 
Artimus PyleCDDB Civil DeadCD 
Artimus PyledriverCDDB Artimus PyledriverCD 
As I Lay DyingCDDB Shadows are Security radio singleCD 
As I Lay DyingCDDB Frail Words CollapseBurned copyCD 
As I Lay DyingCDDB Beneath the Encasing of AshesBurned copyCD 
As I Lay DyingCDDB Shadows Are SecurityCD 
AsesinoCDDB Corridos De MuerteCD 
AsphyxCDDB Crush the CenotaphCD 
AsphyxCDDB God CriesCD 
AsphyxCDDB Last One On EarthCD 
AsphyxiaCDDB Asphyxia8 songsCDAtlanta Band
AsraiCDDB Touch In The DarkCD 
Astral DoorsCDDB AstralismCD 
At The GatesCDDB Slaughter of the SoulCD 
At the GatesCDDB The Red in the Sky is OursCD 
AtreyuCDDB The CurseCD 
AtrocityCDDB HallucinationsCD 
AtrocityCDDB Longing For DeathCD 
AtrophyCDDB Atrophy3 song promoVinyl 
Aurora BorealisCDDB Mansions of EternityCD 
Auto PilotCDDB The Starving RoseCD 
AutopsyCDDB Severed Survival/Retribution For The DeadCD 
Autumn lackCDDB Beneath The ShadowsCD 
Avenged SevenfoldCDDB City of EvilCD 
AvengerCDDB Shadows of the DamnedCD 
AvengerCDDB Fall of Devotion, Wrath and Blasphemyx2CD 
AvengerCDDB Bohemian Dark MetalCD 
Averse SefiraCDDB Battle's ClarionCD 
AversionCDDB Fit To Be TiedCD 
AversionCDDB Fall From GraceCD 
AvulsedCDDB Stabwound OrgasmCD 
AvulsedCDDB CybergoreCD 
AvulsionCDDB Dimensions of DarknessCD 
AxCxCDDB 40 More Reasons to Hate UsCD 
AxCxCDDB Top 40 HitsCD 
AxenicCDDB Reaping Mindless DiscordDemoCD 
AxenicCDDB Eruption Of Time3 songsCDAtlanta Band
AxtionCDDB Look Out For The NightVinyl 
AyreonCDDB Loser (single)4 songsCD 
AzureCDDB King Of Stars - Bearer Of DarkCD 
Babes and Beavis and Butt-Head in ToylandCDDB Bruise Violet3 song promoCD 
Babylon SadCDDB KyrieCD 
Bad BrainsCDDB QuicknessVinyl 
Bad BrainsCDDB HairCD 
Bad Motor UziCDDB DemoCDAtlanta Band
Bal-SagothCDDB Atlantis AscendantCD 
Bal-SagothCDDB The Power CosmicCD 
BaneCDDB The NoteCD 
BaronessCDDB Red AlbumCD 
BathoryCDDB Jubileum Volume IICD 
BathoryCDDB Blood on Ice [promo]3 song promoCD 
BathoryCDDB OctagonCD 
BathoryCDDB Blood on IceCD 
BathoryCDDB Jubileum Volume ICD 
Bathtub ShitterCDDB Dance Hall GrindCD 
Bathtub ShitterCDDB Lifetime ShitlistCD 
Battalion of SaintsCDDB Death R UsCD 
BattleloreCDDB EvernightCD 
Becoming the ArchetypeCDDB Terminate DamnationCD 
BeheadedCDDB Ominous BloodlineCD 
BehemothCDDB Thelema.6CD 
BehemothCDDB DemigodCD 
Behold... The ArctopusCDDB Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg SummoningCD 
BelieverCDDB DimensionsCD 
BelladonnaCDDB BelladonnaCD 
BelladonnaCDDB Rob You Blind - The Interview DiscCD 
BenedictionCDDB Grind BastardCD 
BenedictionCDDB Organized ChaosCD 
BenedictionCDDB The Grand LevelerCD 
BenedictionCDDB The Dreams You DreadCD 
BenedictionCDDB Transcend The RubiconCD 
BenumbCDDB Soul of the MartyrCD 
BenumbCDDB By Means of UpheavalCD 
BenumbCDDB Withering Strands Of HopeCD 
BeorscipCDDB 1998CD 
BeorscipeCDDB Sacrifices for the FutureCDAtlanta Band
BeoscipCDDB CDAtlanta Band
BethlehemCDDB Profane Fetmilch Lentz Elf KrankCD 
BetrayerCDDB My Twisted SymphonyCD 
Between The Buried And MeCDDB The Silent CircusCD 
Between the Buried And MeCDDB Alaskax2CD 
Between The Buried And MeCDDB The Anatomy OfCD 
BeyondCDDB ReassembleCD 
Beyond PossessionCDDB Is Beyond PossessionVinyl 
Big HateCDDB Sugar Glider2 song promoCD 
BileCDDB TeknowhoreCD 
BileCDDB No I don??t know1 song promoCD 
BiohazardCDDB Kill or Be KilledCD 
BiohazardCDDB No Holds BarredCD 
BiohazardCDDB SwitchbackCD 
BiohazardCDDB Radio DisciplineCD 
BiohazardCDDB Sate of the World Addressclean versionCD 
BiohazardCDDB Mata Editoclean versionCD 
BiohazardCDDB Five Blocks to the SubwayCD 
BiohazardCDDB Mata LeaoCD 
BiohazardCDDB A Lot to Learn1 song promoCD 
BiohazardCDDB Urban DisciplineCD 
BiohazardCDDB Tales From the Hard Side1 song promoCD 
Black CobraCDDB InvernalCD 
Black CrossCDDB Widows Bloody WidowsCD 
Black HellCDDB DeformersCD 
Black Label SocietyCDDB 4 song promosongs from MafiaCD 
Black Label SocietyCDDB MafiaCD 
Black Label SocietyCDDB Shot To HellCD 
Black SabbathCDDB TyrVinyl 
Black SabbathCDDB Master of RealityCD 
Black SabbathCDDB The Dio Yearsjewel caseCD 
Black WitcheryCDDB Upheaval of Satanic MightslipcaseCD 
Bleeding ThroughCDDB The Truth (2 song promo)CD 
Blessed DeathCDDB Kill Or Be KilledVinyl 
Blessed DeathCDDB Destined For ExtinctionVinyl 
Blessing the HogsCDDB The Twelve Gauge SolutionCD 
Blind GuardianCDDB A Twist in the Mythjewel caseCD 
BloodCDDB O Agios PethaneCD 
BloodCDDB ChristbaitCD 
Blood DusterCDDB YeastCD 
Blood DusterCDDB CuntCD 
Blood FeastCDDB Kill for PleasureCD 
Blood for BloodCDDB Spit my Last BreathCD 
Blood HavenCDDB Religious SuffocationCD 
Blood of ChristCDDB Breeding ChaosCD 
Blood of ChristCDDB ??A Dream to RememberCD 
Blood Red Throne/Severe TortureCDDB A Taste For ButcherysplitCD 
BloodaxeCDDB Raping the AncientCD 
BloodbathCDDB Breeding Death3 song promoCD 
BloodbathCDDB Nightmares Made FleshCD 
BloodchurnCDDB Ravenous ConsumptionCD 
BloodletCDDB EntheogenCD 
BloodletCDDB The Seraphim FallCD 
Bloodlined CalligraphyCDDB They Want You SilentCD 
BloodsimpleCDDB A Cruel WorldCD 
Bloody SodsCDDB Bloody Sods7 songsCD 
Bloody SodsCDDB Get Outta My HeadCD 
Blue HolocaustCDDB Twitch of the Death NerveCD 
Blut Aus NordCDDB The Work Which Transforms GodCD 
Bob EvansCDDB Jersey City Spring Water1 song promoCD 
Body CountCDDB Clean MixesAll tracks are cleanCD 
Body CountCDDB Body CountCD 
Body CountCDDB Necessary Evil4 song promoCD 
Body CountCDDB Mentally DisturbedCD 
BoilerCDDB Yee-Haw!!!CD 
Bolt ThrowerCDDB MercenaryCD 
Bolt ThrowerCDDB The 4th CrusadeCD 
Bolt ThrowerCDDB The Peel Sessions 1988-1990CD 
Bolt ThrowerCDDB ?For VictoryCD 
Bolt ThrowerCDDB Those Once LoyalCD 
BongzillaCDDB GatewayCD 
BongzillaCDDB AmerijuanicanCD 
BorknagarCDDB The Olden DomainCD 
BorknagarCDDB EmpiricismCD 
BorknagarCDDB QuintessenceCD 
BorknagarCDDB EpicCD 
Born From PainCDDB In Love With the EndCD 
BrainstormCDDB Liquid MonsterCD 
BrodequinCDDB Instruments of TortureCD 
BrodequinCDDB Methods Of ExecutionCD 
BrokenCDDB TanjrasCD 
Broken HopeCDDB The Bowels of RepugnanceCD 
Broken HopeCDDB Loathingno cd??CD 
Broken HopeCDDB Repulsive ConceptionCD 
Bruce DickinsonCDDB Alive in Studio A2 discsCD 
Bruce DickinsonCDDB Tyranny of SoulsCD 
BrujeriaCDDB Mextremist HitsCD 
BrujeriaCDDB Raza OdiadaCD 
Brutal TruthCDDB Kill Trend SuicideCD 
Brutal TruthCDDB Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme ResponsesCD 
Brutal TruthCDDB Need To ControlCD 
Brutal TruthCDDB Sounds of the Animal KingdomCD 
BurialCDDB Enlightened With PainCD 
Burial RitesCDDB Burial Rites5 song demoCDAtlanta Band
Burial RitesCDDB 2004 Demo4 songs (song titles not known)CDAtlanta Band
Buried InsideCDDB Chronoclastx2CD 
Burn In SilenceCDDB Angel MakerCD 
Burn the PriestCDDB Burn the PriestCD 
Burning SkiesCDDB Murder By Means Of ExistenceCD 
Burnt by the SunCDDB Burnt by the SunCD 
Burnt by the SunCDDB Soundtrack to the Personal RevolutionCD 
Bury Your DeadCDDB Cover Your TracksCD 
BurzumCDDB Burzum/AskeCD 
Butt TrumpetCDDB Primitive EnemaCD 
BuzzovenCDDB SoreCD 
BuzzovenCDDB Unwilling to ExplainCD 
By NightCDDB Burn The FlagsCD 
ByzantineCDDB And They Shall Take Up SerpentsCD 
ByzantineCDDB To Release Is To ResolveCD 
C.I.A.CDDB In The RedVinyl 
C.I.A.CDDB C.I.A.2 song promoVinyl 
CadaverCDDB In PainsCD 
Caliban/Heaven Shall BurnCDDB The Split ProgramCaliban=decent metalcore, split CDCD 
Callenish CircleCDDB Pitch.Black.EffectsCD 
CancerCDDB The Sins Of MankindCD 
CancerCDDB Death Shall RiseCD 
CancerCDDB To The Gory EndCD 
CandiriaCDDB Signs of DiscontentCD 
CandiriaCDDB 300% DensityCD 
CandiruCDDB Unloved and Weeded OutCD 
CandlemassCDDB Ancient DreamsVinyl 
CandlemassCDDB NightfallVinyl 
CandlemassCDDB At The Gallow's End EPVinyl 
CandlemassCDDB Epicus Doomicus MetallicusVinyl 
CandlemassCDDB CandlemassCD 
CannaeCDDB Gold Becomes Sacrificex2CD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB The Bleedingcensored versionCD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB Gore ObsessedCD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB Butchered at BirthCD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB Gallery of Suicidecensored versionCD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB BloodthirstCD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB Tomb of the MutilatedCD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB VileCD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB Live CannibalismCD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB Eaten Back to LifeCD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB Hammer Smashed Face3 song promoCD 
Cannibal CorpseCDDB KillCD 
Cannibal Corpse/Cattle DecapitationCDDB Tour Sampler4 songs, interviewCD 
CanvasCDDB CanvasCD 
CapharnaumCDDB FracturedCD 
CarcassCDDB Peel SessionsCD 
CarcassCDDB Necrotism - Descanting the InsalubriousCD 
CarcassCDDB HeartworkCD 
CarcassCDDB Symphonies of SicknessCD 
CarcassCDDB Wake Up and Smell the CarcassCD 
CarcassCDDB SwansongCD 
Carnal ForgeCDDB Please?? Die!CD 
Carnal ForgeCDDB FiredemonCD 
Carnal ForgeCDDB Testify for my Victimsjewel caseCD 
CarnalityCDDB White ShowerCDAtlanta Band
CarnifexCDDB Until I Feel NothingCD 
CarnivoreCDDB RetaliationVinyl 
CarrionCDDB The Crime Of Idle HandsCD 
CataractCDDB KingdomCD 
CatharsisCDDB PassionCD 
CathedralCDDB The Garden Of Unearthly DelightsCD 
CathedralCDDB Soul SacrificeCD 
CathedralCDDB The Carnival BizarreCD 
CathedralCDDB Supernatural Death MachineCD 
CathedralCDDB Witchfinder General EPCD 
Cattle DecapitationCDDB To Serve ManCD 
Cattle DecapitationCDDB HumanureCD 
Cause for AlarmCDDB Birth After BirthCD 
Cause for AlarmCDDB Cheaters and the CheatedCD 
Cea SerinCDDB Chiaroscuro4 songsCD 
Celestial SeasonCDDB Solar LoversCD 
CelladorCDDB Enter DeceptionCD 
Celtic FrostCDDB I Won't DanceVinyl 
Celtic FrostCDDB To Mega TherionVinyl 
Celtic FrostCDDB Into The PandemoniumVinyl 
Celtic FrostCDDB Morbid TalesVinyl 
Celtic FrostCDDB Parched With Thirst And I am Dying: 1984-1992CD 
Celtic FrostCDDB MonotheistCD 
CemetaryCDDB Last ConfessionsCD 
CemetaryCDDB An Evil Shade Of GreyCD 
CemetaryCDDB SundownCD 
CentinexCDDB Reborn Through FlamesCD 
CentinexCDDB ReflectionsCD 
Central Nervous SystemCDDB Reality CheckCD 
Cephalic CarnageCDDB AnomaliesCD 
Cephalic CarnageCDDB Xenosapienjewel caseCD 
CerberusCDDB The Cage of ExistenceCD 
Cerebral FixCDDB Cerebral FixCD 
Cerebral FixCDDB Tower of SpiteCD 
Cernunnos!CDDB The BeastCDAtlanta Band
Channel ZeroCDDB UnsafeCD 
Children of BodomCDDB Something WildCD 
Children Of BodomCDDB Follow The ReaperCD 
Children Of BodomCDDB HatebreederCD 
Children of BodomCDDB Trashed, Lost and Strung OutslipcaseCD 
Children of BodomCDDB Are You Dead Yet?CD 
ChimairaCDDB The Impossibility of ReasonCD 
ChimairaCDDB ChimairaCD 
Chris CafferyCDDB FacesCD 
Christian DeathCDDB Sex And Drugs And Jesus ChristVinyl 
Christian DeathCDDB AmenCD 
Chronic DysenteryCDDB Under the Sign of the Illegible LogoCDAtlanta Band
ChthonicCDDB 9th EmpyreanCD 
ChthonicCDDB Seediq BaleCD 
ChumCDDB Dead to the World3 song promoCD 
CineraryCDDB Rituals Of DesecrationCDAtlanta Band
Cipher SystemCDDB Central Tunnel EightCD 
Circle II CircleCDDB Circle II CircleCD 
Circle JerksCDDB Oddities, Abnormalities, and CuriositiesVinyl 
Cirith UngolCDDB King Of The Deadno sleeveVinyl 
CivCDDB Civ3 song promoCD 
ClutchCDDB Blast TyrantCD 
ClutchCDDB A Promo Named Marcus3 songsCD 
ClutchCDDB Robot Hive/ExodusCD 
CoalesceCDDB 0:12 Revolution in Just ListeningCD 
Cold ColoursCDDB Somnium XIIICD 
Cold MoonCDDB Carnivorous Lunar ActivitiesCD 
ColdworkerCDDB The Contaminated Voidjewel caseCD 
ColiseumCDDB No Salvationhardcore, jewel caseCD 
ColossickCDDB The SeedCDAtlanta Band
Commit SuicideCDDB SyntheticsCD 
Compos MentisCDDB Fragments of a Withered DreamCD 
ConelradCDDB A Final DissolutionCD 
ConfessorCDDB CondemnedCD 
ConfessorCDDB Demo4 songsCD 
Control DeniedCDDB Fragile Art of ExistenceCD 
ConvergeCDDB No Heroesjewel caseCD 
ConvulseCDDB Lost EquilibriumCD 
ConvulseCDDB ReflectionsCD 
CoronerCDDB Punishment For DecadenceVinyl 
CoronerCDDB No More ColorVinyl 
CoronerCDDB Mental VortexCD 
CoronerCDDB GrinCD 
CorpsevomitCDDB Raping the Ears of Those AboveBurned copyCD 
Corrosion Of ConformityCDDB Eye For An EyeVinyl 
Corrosion Of ConformityCDDB AnimosityVinyl 
Corrosion of ConformityCDDB In the Arms of GodCD 
Corvus CoraxCDDB The Atavistic TriadCD 
CouldronCDDB CouldronCD 
CovenCDDB Blessed Is The BlackVinyl 
CovenCDDB Boneless ChristianCD 
CovenantCDDB Nexus PolarisCD 
Cradle of FilthCDDB Dusk and Her EmbraceCD 
Cradle of FilthCDDB Damnation and a DayCD 
Cradle of FilthCDDB The Principle of Evil Made FleshCD 
Cradle of FilthCDDB Cruelty and the Beast2 discsCD 
Cradle of FilthCDDB NymphetamineCD 
Cradle Of FilthCDDB Nympethamine (reissue)CD 
Cradle of FilthCDDB Live Bait for the Dead - Disc OneBurned copyCD 
Cradle of FilthCDDB Live Bait for the Dead - Disc TwoBurned copyCD 
Cradle of FilthCDDB ThornographyCD 
Cradle To GraveCDDB Cradle To GraveCD 
CrawlCDDB EarthCD 
CreeperCDDB CreeperCD 
CrematoriumCDDB The Process of EndtimeCD 
CrematoryCDDB Mazeno caseCD 
CretinCDDB FreakeryCD 
Crimson ThornCDDB UnearthedCD 
CrisisCDDB Like Sheep Led to SlaughterCD 
CrisisCDDB Deathshead ExterminationCD 
Cro-MagsCDDB The Age Of QuarrelVinyl 
CrowbarCDDB Odd Fellows RestCD 
CrowbarCDDB Time Heals NothingCD 
CrowbarCDDB Broken GlassCD 
CrowbarCDDB Numb Sensitive2 song promoCD 
CrowbarCDDB CrowbarCD 
CrowbarCDDB Live+1CD 
CrowbarCDDB Lifeblood For The DowntroddenCD 
Crown of ThornzCDDB Mentally VexedCD 
Crown of ThornzCDDB Train Yard BluesCD 
CrowpathCDDB Old Cuts and Blunt KnivesCD 
CrowpathCDDB Red On ChromeCD 
CrowpathCDDB Son Of SulphurCD 
CrucifixionCDDB Desert Of Shattered HopesCD 
Crush EfektCDDB EclipsedCD 
CryhavocCDDB Sweetbriersno caseCD 
Cryptic SlaughterCDDB Speak Your PeaceCD 
CryptopsyCDDB Once Was NotCD 
Cult of DaathCDDB Slit Throats and Ritual NightsCD 
Curl Up and DieCDDB The One Above All, The End Of All That IsCD 
CursedCDDB TwoCD 
Cuti SaddaCDDB Pentagrams All Up In My Bling BlingCD 
CyborgCDDB ChorniclesCD 
CycloneCDDB Brutal DestructionVinyl 
Cyco MikoCDDB Cyco MikoCD 
Cystic DysenteryCDDB Culture of DeathCD 
D.A.M.CDDB Inside OutCD 
D.R.I.CDDB Think For YourselfVinyl 
D.R.I.CDDB 4 of a KindVinyl 
D.R.I.CDDB Dirty RottenCD 
D.R.I.CDDB CrossoverCD 
D.R.I.CDDB Full Speed AheadCD 
DaathCDDB Daath2 songsCDAtlanta Band
DaathCDDB FutilityCDAtlanta Band
DaemonCDDB Seven Deadly SinsCD 
DaiTribeCDDB The Second ComingCD 
DamageCDDB Live Off The Board at CBGBVinyl 
DamagedCDDB Token Remedies ResearchCD 
DamageplanCDDB New Found PowerCD 
DamnageCDDB Expressions of Anger4 song promoCD 
Dance Club MassacreCDDB Feast of the Blood MonstersGrindcore (sort of)CD 
DanzigCDDB Danzig II: LucifugeVinyl 
DanzigCDDB III: How The Gods KillCD 
DanzigCDDB Thrall-DemonsweatliveCD 
DanzigCDDB DanzigCD 
Dark AngelCDDB Leave ScarsVinyl 
Dark AngelCDDB Darkness DescendsVinyl 
Dark Angel/Rigor MortisCDDB Darkness Descends/Rigor MortisburnedCD 
Dark FuneralCDDB Vobiscum SatanasCD 
Dark FuneralCDDB The Secrets Of The Black ArtsCD 
Dark FuneralCDDB Diabolis Interiumburned copyCD 
Dark PassagesCDDB Vol. IICD 
Dark ThroneCDDB Sardonic WrathCD 
Dark TranquillityCDDB ProjectorCD 
Dark TranquillityCDDB HavenCD 
Dark TranquillityCDDB CharacterCD 
Dark TranquillityCDDB FictionCD 
DarkaneCDDB InsanityCD 
DarkaneCDDB Layers of LiesCD 
Darkest HourCDDB Hidden Hands of a Sadist NationCD 
Darkest HourCDDB Undoing RuinCD 
DarksideCDDB Melancholia of a Dying WorldCD 
DarkthroneCDDB A Blaze in the Northen SkyCD 
DarkthroneCDDB Transilvanian HungerCD 
DarkthroneCDDB Hate ThemCD 
DarkthroneCDDB Sardonic Wrathx2CD 
Daughter of LustCDDB Demos 2002-3CD 
Daylight DiesCDDB Dismantling DevotionCD 
DBCCDDB UniverseVinyl 
Dead by DawnCDDB After I Eat Your BrainsCD 
Dead HorseCDDB Peaceful Death and Pretty FlowersCD 
Dead Soul TribeCDDB The January TreeCD 
Dead to FallCDDB Everything I Touch Falls to PiecesCD 
Dead to FallCDDB Villainy and VirtueCD 
Dead To FallCDDB The Phoenix ThroneCD 
Dead YouthCDDB WrithingCD 
DeadguyCDDB Fixation on a CoworkerCD 
DeadguyCDDB Screamin' With The Deadguy QuintetCD 
DeadlockCDDB WolvesslipcaseCD 
Dearly BeheadedCDDB TemptationCD 
DeathCDDB LeprosyVinyl 
DeathCDDB Spiritual HealingVinyl 
DeathCDDB Individual Thought PatternsCD 
DeathCDDB HumanCD 
DeathCDDB SymbolicCD 
DeathCDDB The Sound of PerseveranceCD 
DeathCDDB FateCD 
Death AngelCDDB The Ultra-ViolenceVinyl 
Death AngelCDDB Frolic Through The ParkVinyl 
Death by StereoCDDB Breath for LifeCD 
Death by StereoCDDB Death for LifeCD 
DeathfallCDDB Reborngood metalcoreCD 
DeathwitchCDDB Dawn of ArmageddonCD 
DeathwitchCDDB Triumphant DebastationCD 
DeathwitchCDDB Monumental MutilationsCD 
DeathwitchCDDB The Ultimate DeathCD 
DeceasedCDDB The 13 Frightened SoulsCD 
DeceasedCDDB The Blueprints For MadnessCD 
DeceasedCDDB Luck Of The CorpseCD 
DeceasedCDDB Supernatural AddictionCD 
Deeds of FleshCDDB Deeds of Flesh3 song promoCD 
Deeds of FleshCDDB Crown of SoulsCD 
DefecationCDDB Purity DilutionCD 
DefianceCDDB Product Of SocietyVinyl 
DefianceCDDB Beyond RecognitionCD 
DefleshedCDDB Fast ForwardCD 
DeicideCDDB Once Upon the CrossCD 
DeicideCDDB LegionCD 
DeicideCDDB When Satan LivesCD 
DeicideCDDB Amon: Feasting the BeastCD 
DeicideCDDB InsineratehymnCD 
DeicideCDDB DeicideCD 
Delerium TremensCDDB 99 DemoCDAtlanta Band
DeliveranceCDDB What A JokeCD 
DementiaCDDB Recuperate From RealityCD 
DemericiousCDDB One (Hellbound)CD 
DemiricousCDDB One (3 song sampler)CD 
Demolition HammerCDDB Tortured ExistenceCD 
Demolition HammerCDDB Epidemic of ViolenceCD 
Demon HunterCDDB Demon HunterCD 
Demon HunterCDDB Summer of DarknessCD 
DemoncyCDDB Faustian DawnCDAtlanta Band
DemoncyCDDB Within the Sylvan Realms of FrostCDAtlanta Band
DemoncyCDDB Empire of the Fallen AngelCDAtlanta Band
DemonicCDDB Lead Us Into DarknessCD 
DemoniconCDDB Condemned CreationCD 
Demons & WizardsCDDB Touched by the Crimson KingCD 
DescendentCDDB DegenerationCD 
DesecrationCDDB Process of Decaybrutal deathCD 
Despise YouCDDB West Side HorizonsCD 
Despised IconCDDB The Healing Processx2CD 
Despised IconCDDB The Ills of Modern ManslipcaseCD 
Destination: OblivionCDDB December SunCD 
Destroy Destroy DestroyCDDB Devour The PowerCD 
DestructionCDDB Mad ButcherVinyl 
DestructionCDDB Live Without SenseVinyl 
DestructionCDDB Inventor of EvilCD 
DestructionCDDB Thrash Anthemsjewel caseCD 
DesultoryCDDB Swallow the SnakeCD 
DethklokCDDB The Dethalbumstraightforward death metalCD 
DevaneCDDB DevaneCDAtlanta Band
DevastationCDDB Signs Of LiveVinyl 
DevastationCDDB Violent TerminationCD 
DevildriverCDDB The Fury of Our Maker's HandCD 
DevildriverCDDB The Last Kind WordsCD 
DevilinsideCDDB Volume OneCD 
Devils WhorehouseCDDB Revelation UnorthodoxCD 
Devin TownsendCDDB Ziltoid the OmniscientCD 
DevlinCDDB Grand Death OpeningCD 
Dew-ScentedCDDB IncinerateslipcaseCD 
DiabolicCDDB Subterraneal MagnitudeCD 
DiabolicCDDB Vengeance AscendingCD 
Diabolical MasqueradeCDDB Death's DesignCD 
DiabolicumCDDB The Grandeur of HellCD 
DiaboliqueCDDB Wedding the GrotesqueCD 
Diamond HeadCDDB Am I EvilCD 
Diamond RexxCDDB The EvilCD 
Dick Delicious and the Tasty TesticlesCDDB Dick Delicious and the Tasty TesticlesCD 
Dick Delicious and the Tasty TesticlesCDDB We Sold our Souls, For Wet Sloppy HolesCD 
Dick Delicious and the Tasty TesticlesCDDB Bigger Than Ron JeremyCD 
Dick Delicious and the Tasty TesticlesCDDB Let's Kill the CranberriesCD 
Die KruppsCDDB Rings of Steelx2CD 
Die KruppsCDDB Odyssey of the MindCD 
DiecastCDDB Sampler5 songsCD 
Diecast/The HauntedCDDB Split Promo4 song promoCD 
Dim MakCDDB Knives of Icetechnical death metalCD 
DimDredCDDB Nameless FacesCD 
Dimension ZeroCDDB This Is HellCD 
Dimmu BorgirCDDB Death Cult ArmageddonCD 
Dimmu BorgirCDDB Death Cult Armageddon [promo]4 song promoCD 
Dimmu BorgirCDDB Enthrone Darkness TriumphantCD 
Dimmu BorgirCDDB Spiritual Black DimensionsCD 
Dimmu BorgirCDDB Godless Savage GardenCD 
Dimmu BorgirCDDB Puritanical Euphoric MisanthropiaCD 
Dimmu BorgirCDDB Stormblast MMVCD 
Dimmu BorgirCDDB In Sorte DiaboliCD 
DioCDDB Master of the MoonCD 
DioCDDB Evil Or Divine - Live In New York CityCD 
DioCDDB Holy Diver - LiveCD 
DisarrayCDDB In the Face of the EnemyCD 
DisarrayCDDB A Lesson In Respectx2CD 
DisarrayCDDB Widespread Human DisasterCD 
DisbeliefCDDB 66SickCD 
DisbeliefCDDB NavigatorCD 
Disciple A.D.CDDB Heaven And HellCD 
Discipline XCDDB RevolutionCD 
DisembowelmentCDDB Dusk3 song promoCD 
DisfearCDDB Misanthropic GenerationCD 
DisfearCDDB Soul ScarsCD 
DisfigurementCDDB Soul RotCDAtlanta Band
DisgustCDDB Brutality of WarCD 
DisillusionCDDB The PorterCD 
DisillusionedCDDB Disillusion9 songsCDAtlanta Band
DisincarnateCDDB Dreams Of The Carrion KindCD 
Dismal EuphoriaCDDB Lady AblazeCD 
DismemberCDDB Death MetalCD 
DismemberCDDB Indecent and ObsceneCD 
DismemberCDDB Hate CampaignCD 
DismemberCDDB Massive Killing CapacityCD 
DismemberCDDB MisanthropicCD 
DismemberCDDB PiecesCD 
DismemberCDDB The God That Never WasCD 
DissectionCDDB ReinkaosCD 
Divine EmpireCDDB RedemptionCD 
Divine EmpireCDDB Doomed To InheritCD 
Divine EmpireCDDB NostradamusCD 
Divine SinCDDB WinterlandCD 
Doctor ButcherCDDB Doctor Butcher2xCDCD 
DodheimsgardCDDB Supervillain OutcastslipcaseCD 
DominionCDDB Into the NegativeCD 
DominusCDDB The First 9CD 
DoomeastvanCDDB You Will DieCD 
DoomridersCDDB Black ThunderCD 
DoughnutsCDDB DoughnutsCD 
DoughnutsCDDB The Age of the CircleCD 
DownCDDB Lifer1 song promoCD 
DownCDDB DownCD 
Down FactorCDDB Murder the WorldCD 
DownsetCDDB EmpowerCD 
DraconianCDDB Arcane Rain FellslipcaseCD 
DraconianCDDB The Burning HaloCD 
DragonlordCDDB Black Wings of DestinyCD 
Drawn And QuarteredCDDB Return of the Black DeathCD 
Drawn And QuarteredCDDB Hail Infernal DarknessCD 
Drawn and QuarteredCDDB Merciless Hammer of LuciferCD 
Dream TheaterCDDB Train of ThoughtCD 
Dream TheaterCDDB Octavarium SamplerCD 
Dream TheaterCDDB OctavariumCD 
Dream TheaterCDDB Systematic ChaosCD 
Dreams of DamnationCDDB Let the Violence BeginCD 
DriftCDDB DriftCD 
DrowningmanCDDB Don't Push Us When We're HotCD 
DrylineCDDB Reach for the SurfaceCD 
DwarfophileCDDB Split ForCDAtlanta Band
DwarfophileCDDB Limbatic CollectoryCDAtlanta Band
Dying FetusCDDB Stop at NothingCD 
Dying FetusCDDB Destory the OppositionCD 
Dying FetusCDDB War of Attritionjewel caseCD 
DyoxenCDDB First Among EqualsVinyl 
E. Town ConcreteCDDB The RenaissanceCD 
Early ManCDDB Closing InCD 
Earth CrisisCDDB Last of the SaneCD 
Earth CrisisCDDB Destroy the MachinesCD 
EarthriseCDDB Eras LostCD 
Ebony TearsCDDB A Handful of NothingCD 
Ed GeinCDDB Judas Goats & DieseleatersCD 
Edge of SanityCDDB InfernalCD 
Edge of SanityCDDB CrimsonCD 
Edge of SanityCDDB Until Eternity Ends4 songsCD 
EdguyCDDB Hellfire ClubCD 
EdguyCDDB MandrakeCD 
El DuceCDDB Slave to thy MasterCD 
EldritchCDDB BlackendayCD 
Embrace TodayCDDB We Are The EnemyCD 
EmperorCDDB In the Nightside EclipseCD 
EmperorCDDB Anthems to the Welkin at DuskCD 
Emperor/EnslavedCDDB Hordanes Land (split CD)CD 
Empyrean SkyCDDB The Snow White Rose of Paradiseprogressive death metalCD 
EmpyriosCDDB ...And the Rest is SilenceslipcaseCD 
End-Time IllusionCDDB So BelowCD 
Ender's GameCDDB Game Over4 songsCDAtlanta Band
Enders GameCDDB Breathe New LifeCDAtlanta Band
Enders GameCDDB What We've LostCDAtlanta Band
EngineerCDDB The Dregsjewel caseCD 
EnlowCDDB The Desperate LettersCD 
EnslavedCDDB Mardraum - Beyond The WithinCD 
EnslavedCDDB Below The LightsCD 
EnslavedCDDB IsaCD 
EnslavedCDDB RuunCD 
Enter SelfCDDB Awaken in AgonyCD 
EnthronedCDDB Regie SathanasCD 
EntombedCDDB Hollowman [promo]CD 
EntombedCDDB UprisingCD 
EntombedCDDB Left Hand PathCD 
EntombedCDDB Wolverine BluesCD 
EntombedCDDB InfernoCD 
EntombedCDDB Stranger AeonsCD 
EntombedCDDB To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth!CD 
EntombedCDDB Entombed3 song promoCD 
EntombedCDDB HollowmanCD 
EntwineCDDB GoneCD 
EpicaCDDB The Phantom AgonyCD 
EpicureanCDDB EpicureanCD 
EpicureanCDDB 3 Song DemoProgressive metal [white envelope]CD 
EpidemicCDDB Exit ParadiseCD 
EpidemicCDDB DecameronCD 
Epoch of UnlightCDDB Caught in the Unlight!CD 
Epoch of UnlightCDDB What Will Be Has Been!CD 
Epoch of UnlightCDDB The Continuum HypothesisCD 
EquilibriumCDDB Equilibrium3 songsCDAtlanta Band
ErosionCDDB DownCD 
EstradasphereCDDB Palace of MirrorsCD 
EternalCDDB Satanic Templars Of The Dark AgeCD 
Eternal SufferingCDDB Drowning in TragedyCD 
EthusiasticCDDB Corruption of the Common GoodCDAtlanta Band
EverbleedingCDDB Everbleeding5 songsCDAtlanta Band
EvergreyCDDB Monday Morning ApocalypseCD 
Evil IncarnateCDDB Blood of the SaintsCD 
Evil IncarnateCDDB Blackest Hymns of God's DisgraceCD 
ExcalionCDDB WaterlinesPower MetalCD 
ExcalionCDDB Primal ExhalePower MetalCD 
ExcelCDDB Split ImageCD 
ExcelCDDB The Jokes on YouCD 
ExcelCDDB Seeking RefugeCD 
ExciterCDDB New TestamentCD 
ExhorderCDDB Slaughter In The VaticanVinyl 
ExhumedCDDB Anatomy is DestinyCD 
ExhumedCDDB SlaughtercultCD 
Exit-13CDDB Don't Spare the Green LoveCD 
ExodusCDDB Fabulous DisasterVinyl 
ExodusCDDB Impact Is ImminentVinyl 
ExodusCDDB Bonded By BloodVinyl 
ExodusCDDB Pleasures Of The FleshVinyl 
ExodusCDDB Force of HabitCD 
ExodusCDDB Shovel Headed Kill MachineCD 
ExscruciateCDDB Traumatic Stress DisciplineCDAtlanta Band
Extreme Noise TerrorCDDB Retro-butionCD 
EyehategodCDDB 10 Years of Abuse (and Still Broke)CD 
EyehategodCDDB Southern DiscomfortCD 
EyehategodCDDB DopesickCD 
EyehategodCDDB Confederacy Of Ruined LivesCD 
Eyes Of FireCDDB DisintegrateCD 
Eyes Of FireCDDB PrisonsCD 
FacedowninshitCDDB Nothing Positive Only NegativeCD 
Faith No MoreCDDB Digging the Grave2 song promoCD 
Faith No MoreCDDB Ricochet2 song promoCD 
FaithxtractorCDDB The Great Shadow InfiltratorCD 
FallCDDB This Brutal EPBurned copyCD 
Fall of the LeafeCDDB August WernickeCD 
FarCDDB Love, American StyleCD 
Fates WarningCDDB No ExitVinyl 
Fates WarningCDDB The Specter WithinVinyl 
Fates WarningCDDB Awaken The GuardianVinyl 
Fates WarningCDDB Pale Fire3 song promoCD 
FaustusCDDB ...And Still We SufferCD 
Fear And DrinkingCDDB Pulp/SexCD 
Fear FactoryCDDB Fear is the MindkillerCD 
Fear FactoryCDDB ConcreteCD 
Fear FactoryCDDB ArchetypeCD 
Fear FactoryCDDB DemanufactureCD 
Fear FactoryCDDB HatefilesCD 
Fear FactoryCDDB Soul Of A New MachineCD 
Fear FactoryCDDB Slave Labor Live EP5 songsCD 
Fear FactoryCDDB Transgression Sampler3 songsCD 
Fear FactoryCDDB ObsoleteCD 
Fear of GodCDDB Toxic VoodooCD 
Fetish For DesecrationCDDB Fetish For Desecrationx3, 4 songsCDAtlanta Band
Fifth ReasonCDDB PsychoticCD 
FightCDDB War of WordsCD 
FightCDDB A Small Deadly SpaceCD 
Fireball MinistryCDDB The Second Great AwakeningCD 
FleshCDDB Temple of WhoresCD 
FleshcrawlCDDB As Blood Rains from the Sky... ?We Walk The Path of Endless FireCD 
FleshcrawlCDDB BloodsoulCD 
FleshgrindCDDB FleshgrinCD 
FleshgrindCDDB Murder Without EndCD 
FlesholdCDDB PatheticCD 
FloodgateCDDB PenaltyCD 
Flotsam And JetsamCDDB When The Storm Comes DownVinyl 
Flotsam And JetsamCDDB No Place For Disgracex2Vinyl 
Flotsam And JetsamCDDB Doomsday For The DeceiverVinyl 
Flotsam and JetsamCDDB Blindside3 song promoCD 
Flotsam and JetsamCDDB Swatting at Flies/Date With Hate2 song promoCD 
Flotsam and JetsamCDDB Smoked Out2 song promoCD 
Focal PointCDDB Focal PointCD 
FoetusCDDB FoetusCD 
ForbiddenCDDB Twisted Into FormVinyl 
ForbiddenCDDB Raw Evil: Live At The DynamoVinyl 
ForbiddenCDDB Forbidden EvilVinyl 
ForbiddenCDDB GreenCD 
Forbidden SiteCDDB Sturm und DrangCD 
Force of EvilCDDB Black EmpireCD 
Force of HabitCDDB Madness by Designx3CD 
Forest of ImpaledCDDB DemonvoidCD 
ForlornCDDB Opus IIICD 
ForlornCDDB HybernationCD 
Fragments Of UnbecomingCDDB Sterling Black IconCD 
Frantic BleepCDDB The Sense ApparatusCD 
FreyaCDDB As the Last Light DrainsCD 
Friday DiesCDDB Friday Dies4 song promo (x2)CD 
FrightmareCDDB Bringing Back The BloodshedCD 
From A Second Story WindowCDDB DelendaCD 
Fuck The FactsCDDB Stigmata High-FiveCD 
Fudge TunnelCDDB In a WordCD 
Fueled by FireCDDB Spread the Firejewel caseCD 
Full CircleCDDB NegativeCD 
FuneralCDDB From These Woundsdoom metalCD 
FunerotCDDB Invasion From The Death DimensionCD 
G/Z/RCDDB Drive Boy, ShootingCD 
G/Z/RCDDB Cycle of Sixty/x13CD 
G/Z/RCDDB Plastic PlanetCD 
GadgetCDDB The Funeral MarchCD 
Galactic CowboysCDDB Space in Your FaceCD 
Galactic CowboysCDDB Machine FishCD 
GandalfCDDB Rock HellCD 
Gang GreenCDDB King of BandsCD 
GangGreenCDDB Another Case of BrewtalityCD 
GanonCDDB In The Dead Of SleepCD 
Gates of IshtarCDDB The Dawn of FlamesCD 
GazaCDDB I Don't Care Where I Go When I DieCD 
General SurgeryCDDB NecrologyCD 
GenerationCDDB GenerationCD 
GenitorturersCDDB 120 Days of GenitortureCD 
Genocide SuperstarsCDDB Superstar DestroyerCD 
GezoleenCDDB Black Spaces Between StarsCD 
Ghost StoryCDDB Charlotte and Richmond II-2002CDAtlanta Band
Ghost StoryCDDB Ghost Story5 song demoCDAtlanta Band
GhoulunaticsCDDB SabacthanyCD 
GhoulunaticsCDDB King of the UndeadCD 
Giant SquidCDDB Metridium FieldsCD 
Glass CasketCDDB We Are Gathered Here Today...CD 
Glenn TiptonCDDB Kill or Be KilledCD 
GnosticCDDB Splinters of ChangeCDAtlanta Band
GoatCDDB Sacred PilgrimCD 
GoatsnakeCDDB Trampled Under HoofCD 
GoatwhoreCDDB A Haunting CurseCD 
God DethronedCDDB The Grand GrimoireCD 
God DethronedCDDB Bloody BlasphemyCD 
God DethronedCDDB RavenousCD 
God DethronedCDDB The Lair Of The White WormCD 
God ForbidCDDB Better Days5 song promoCD 
God ForbidCDDB IV: Constitution of TreasonCD 
GodfleshCDDB Songs of Love and HateCD 
Godless RisingCDDB Battle LordsslipcaseCD 
GodsplagueCDDB TriumphCD 
GojiraCDDB From Mars To SiriusCD 
GomorrahCDDB Reflections of Inanimate MatterCD 
GomorrahCDDB Caress the GrotesqueCD 
GonkulatorCDDB Second War In HeavenCD 
GorefestCDDB La MuerteCD 
GorefestCDDB EraseCD 
GorefestCDDB MindlossCD 
GorelordCDDB Force Fed on Human FleshCD 
GorerottedCDDB A New Dawn for the DeadCD 
GorgorothCDDB DestroyerCD 
GorgorothCDDB Incipit SatanCD 
GorgutsCDDB Considered DeadCD 
GorgutsCDDB The Erosion of SanityCD 
Gothic OutcastsCDDB Sights UnseenCD 
Gothic SexCDDB LamentsCD 
Gothic SexCDDB RaritiesCD 
Gothic SlamCDDB Just A Face In The CrowdVinyl 
Grade 8CDDB Grade 82 song promoCD 
GraveCDDB Hating LifeCD 
GraveCDDB And Here I Die SatisfiedCD 
GraveCDDB SoullessCD 
GraveCDDB You'll Never See?CD 
GraveCDDB Into the GraveCD 
GraveCDDB As Rapture ComesCD 
Grave DiggerCDDB The Last SupperCD 
Grave DiggerCDDB Liberty or Deathjewel caseCD 
GravewormCDDB Engraved in BlackCD 
GravewurmCDDB Spawn of the Sacrilegesplit with Arduous TaskCD 
Green CarnationCDDB The Quiet OffspringCD 
GriffinCDDB The Ultimate DemisePower metal (slipcase)CD 
Grim ReaperCDDB Fear No EvilVinyl 
GrinCDDB Big Slow WreckCD 
GrinderCDDB Nothing Is SacredCD 
Grip Inc.CDDB SolidifyCD 
Grip Inc.CDDB Ostracized2 song promoCD 
Grip Inc.CDDB IncorporatedCD 
Grip Inc.CDDB Power of Inner StrengthCD 
Grip Inc.CDDB NemesisCD 
GroovezillaCDDB GroovezillaCD 
Ground XeroCDDB 2003 Demo2 songsCDAtlanta Band
Ground XeroCDDB Millenium of PainCDAtlanta Band
Ground XeroCDDB 2003 4-song Demo4 songsCD 
GutCDDB ShrubberyCD 
Guttural SecreteCDDB Reek Of Pubescent DespoilmentCD 
GwarCDDB Hell-o!Vinyl 
GwarCDDB We Kill EverythingCD 
GwarCDDB America Must Be DestroyedCD 
GwarCDDB Rag Na RokCD 
GwarCDDB The Road BehindCD 
GwarCDDB Carnival Of ChaosCD 
GwarCDDB This Toilet EarthCD 
GwarCDDB War PartyCD 
GwarCDDB Live from Mt. FujiCD 
HacavitzCDDB VenganzaCD 
HacavitzCDDB KatunCD 
Halcyon WayCDDB Halcyon WayCDAtlanta Band
Halcyon WayCDDB Blind Eyes To The SkyCDAtlanta Band
Hallows EveCDDB Death And InsanityVinylAtlanta Band
Hallows EveCDDB MonumentVinylAtlanta Band
Hallows EveCDDB Evil Offerings2 song single (new stuff)CDAtlanta Band
HammerfallCDDB Glory to the Brave [promo]4 song promoCD 
HammerfallCDDB Glory to the BraveCD 
HammerfallCDDB Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, UnbrokenCD 
Hand To HandCDDB A Perfect Way To Say GoodbyeCD 
Hanzel Und GretylCDDB Uber AllesCD 
HarakiriCDDB Twilight of the IdolsCD 
Harter AttackCDDB Human HellVinyl 
HarvestCDDB Harvest3 songsCDAtlanta Band
Hate EternalCDDB I, Monarchx2CD 
Hate PlowCDDB Everybody DiesCD 
Hate PlowCDDB The Only Law is SurvivalCD 
HatebreedCDDB The Rise Of Brutality (promo)5 songsCD 
HatebreedCDDB This is Now Single1 songCD 
HatebreedCDDB SupremacyCD 
HatesphereCDDB The Killing EPCD 
HatesphereCDDB The Sickness WithinCD 
HatesphereCDDB Serpent Smiles and Killer EyesCD 
HateworkCDDB Thrash 'N RollCD 
HavocHateCDDB Cycle Of PainCD 
HawkwindCDDB Space BanditsVinyl 
HeadDriveCDDB HeadDrive4 song promoCD 
HearseCDDB In These Veinsthrashy death metal (slip case)CD 
HeathenCDDB RecoveredCD 
Heaven and HellCDDB Live at Radio City Music Halljewel caseCD 
Hecate EnthronedCDDB Dark Requiems and Unsilet MassacreCD 
HellhammerCDDB Apocalyptic Raids 1990 A.D.CD 
HelloweenCDDB Walls Of JerichoVinyl 
HelloweenCDDB The Time of the OathCD 
HelloweenCDDB Metal JukeboxCD 
HelloweenCDDB Better Than RawCD 
HelloweenCDDB Keepers of the Seven Keys (The Legacy)2CDCD 
HellwitchCDDB Syzygial MiscreancyCD 
HelmetCDDB MonochromeCD 
HerodCDDB For Whom The Gods Would DestroyCD 
HexxCDDB Morbid RealityCD 
HickoidsCDDB We're In It For The CornVinyl 
High On FireCDDB Blessed Black WingsCD 
High On FireCDDB Blessed Black Wings (radio edits)CD 
HiminbjorgCDDB In The Raven's ShadowCD 
HimsaCDDB Hail HorrorCD 
HognuttCDDB No LimitsCDAtlanta Band
HognuttCDDB Hognutt2 songsCDAtlanta Band
Hold on HumanityCDDB Warning ShotCD 
HollowCDDB Modern CathedralCD 
Holy TerrorCDDB Terror And SubmissionVinyl 
Home 33CDDB Jody's CoterieCD 
Horde of WormsCDDB Wormegeddon4 songsCD 
Horn of ValereCDDB Blood of the Heathen AncientsCD 
HostilityCDDB BrickCD 
HotwireCDDB The RoutineCD 
Human AbstraktCDDB Psychological Blindnessx2CDAtlanta Band
Human AbstraktCDDB Human Abstrakt2 songsCDAtlanta Band
Humans BeingCDDB My Demons DisagreeCD 
Humble GodsCDDB Humble GodsCD 
HypercenterCDDB Split Lip ShitCD 
HyperionCDDB Through CenturiesCD 
HypocrisyCDDB Into the AbyssCD 
HypocrisyCDDB Osculum ObscenumCD 
HypocrisyCDDB AbductedCD 
HypocrisyCDDB HypocrisyCD 
HypocrisyCDDB The Final ChapterCD 
HypocrisyCDDB Destroys WackenCD 
HypocrisyCDDB 10 Years Of Chaos And ConfusionCD 
HypocrisyCDDB VirusCD 
HypocrisyCDDB Virus Radio EPclean editsCD 
HypocriteCDDB Edge of ExistanceCD 
I.C.U.CDDB I.C.U2 song promoCD 
I.C.U.CDDB O No No O ZoneCD 
I.N.C.CDDB The VisitorVinyl 
I.N.C.CDDB RazorbackVinyl 
Iced EarthCDDB Burnt OfferingsCD 
Iced EarthCDDB Days of PurgatoryCD 
Iced EarthCDDB Something Wicked This Way ComesCD 
Iced EarthCDDB The Dark SagaCD 
Iced EarthCDDB Night Of The StormriderCD 
IcelandCDDB IcelandCD 
IcepickCDDB Icepick5 songsCDAtlanta Band
If Hope DiesCDDB Life In RuinCD 
IhsahnCDDB The AdversaryCD 
Ill NinoCDDB How Can I Live2 song promoCD 
IlldisposedCDDB SubmitCD 
ImmolationCDDB Failures for GodsCD 
ImmolationCDDB Dawn of PossessionCD 
ImmolationCDDB Here In AfterCD 
ImmolationCDDB Close To A World BelowCD 
ImmolationCDDB Harnessing RuinslipcaseCD 
ImmolationCDDB Shadows in the LightCD 
ImmortalCDDB Damned in BlackCD 
Immortal SoulsCDDB Ice Upon the NightCD 
ImpaledCDDB Death After LifeCD 
Impaled NazareneCDDB Suomi Finland PerkeleCD 
Impaled NazareneCDDB NihilCD 
Impaled NazareneCDDB Ugra-KarmaCD 
ImpalerCDDB Rise Of The MutantsVinyl 
ImpalerCDDB Rise Of The Mutants/If We Had Brains We'd Be DangerousCD 
ImpalerCDDB One Nation Under GroundCD 
ImpergiumCDDB Division 187CD 
ImpiousCDDB EvilizedCD 
ImpiousCDDB Holy Murder Masqueradejewel caseCD 
In AeternumCDDB Forever BlasphemyCD 
In BattleCDDB In BattleCD 
In FlamesCDDB The Jester RaceCD 
In FlamesCDDB The Tokyo ShowdownCD 
In FlamesCDDB ClaymanCD 
In FlamesCDDB ColonyCD 
In FlamesCDDB Come ClarityCD 
In Flames/MeshuggahCDDB Four Song SmaplerCD 
In Thy DreamsCDDB Highest BeautyCD 
In-QuestCDDB Extrusion: BattlehymnsCD 
IncantationCDDB The Infernal StormCD 
IncantationCDDB Diabolical ConquestCD 
IncantationCDDB Onward to GolgothaCD 
Incubus (Opprobrium)CDDB Beyond the UnknownCD 
IndestroyCDDB IndestroyCD 
IndianCDDB The Unquiet SkyCD 
InfamyCDDB The Blood Shall FlowCD 
InfernalCDDB Satan's WrathCD 
Infernal LegionCDDB Your Prayers Mean NothingslipcaseCD 
Infernal MachineCDDB To Live is to Sin Demo6 songsCD 
InfernumCDDB The CurseslipcaseCD 
Infinitum ObscureCDDB The Luminous BlackCD 
Ingurgitating OblivionCDDB Voyage Toward AbhorrenceCD 
Inner ThoughtCDDB Worldly SeparationCD 
InruinCDDB The Tenth of NeverCD 
InsaniaCDDB World of IceCD 
InsaniaCDDB InsaniaSamplerCD 
Insidious DecrepancyCDDB The Inerrancy Of ProfanationCD 
Insidious DecrepancyCDDB Decadent Orgy Of Atrocious SufferingCD 
InsomniumCDDB Above the Weeping Worldjewel caseCD 
Insult II InjuryCDDB Point of ThisCD 
IntegenCDDB One WishCD 
IntegrityCDDB Systems OverloadCD 
IntegrityCDDB ClosureCD 
IntegrityCDDB Humanity is the DevilCD 
IntenseCDDB As Our Army GrowsPower metal (slipcase)CD 
Intense MutilationCDDB Sgt Leppers Falling Parts Club BandCD 
IntentCDDB At a Time of ChaosCD 
Internal BleedingCDDB Voracious ContemptCD 
Internal BleedingCDDB Alien BreedCD 
InternecineCDDB The Book of LambsCD 
Into EternityCDDB Buried in OblivionCD 
Into the Gunless MeridianCDDB Into the Gunless MeridianCD 
Into the MoatCDDB The DesignCD 
IntricateCDDB VailCD 
IntronautCDDB VoidCD 
IommiCDDB 1996 Dep Sessions with Glenn HughesCD 
IommiCDDB FusedCD 
Ion DissonanceCDDB Breathing Is??CD 
Ion DissonanceCDDB Minus the Herdjewel caseCD 
IrateCDDB 1134CD 
IrateCDDB Infinite Rebellion Against the EstablishmentCD 
Iron FireCDDB Blade of TriumphslipcaseCD 
Iron MaidenCDDB Iron MaidenVinyl 
Iron MaidenCDDB Dance of DeathCD 
Iron MaidenCDDB Lord Of The FliesCD 
Iron MaidenCDDB Death On The Road2-CD LiveCD 
Iron MaidenCDDB Fear of the DarkCD 
Iron MaidenCDDB Man on the Edge single1 song promoCD 
Iron MaidenCDDB The Essential Iron Maiden2CDCD 
Iron MaidenCDDB The Number of the BeastburnedCD 
Iron MaidenCDDB Somewhere Back In Time -- Best of 1980-1989acquired by PWCCD 
Iron MaidenCDDB Killersacquired by PWCCD 
It Dies TodayCDDB Severed Heads Yield Severed Ties (Single)2 tracks, both cleanCD 
It Is ICDDB EvolveCD 
JacknifeCDDB Moment of ReckoningCD 
Jacob's DreamCDDB Drama of the AgesCD 
Jag PanzerCDDB Mechanized WarfareCD 
James LaBrieCDDB Elements of PersuasionCD 
James MurphyCDDB ConvergenceCD 
JesuCDDB ConquerorSludgy, Isis-type stuff (slip case)CD 
Joe Stump's Reign Of TerrorCDDB Conquer and DivideCD 
Jon Oliva's PainCDDB 'Tage MahalCD 
JornCDDB Out To Every NationCD 
Judas IscariotCDDB Distant In Solitary NightCD 
Judas PriestCDDB Bullet Train/Blood Stained2 song promoCD 
Judas PriestCDDB 10 Tracks From Metal Works (promo)CD 
Judas PriestCDDB Angel Of RetributionCD 
Judas PriestCDDB Screaming for Vengeance30th Anniversary Special EditionCD 
Jungle RotCDDB Fueled by HateCD 
Jungle RotCDDB Dead and BuriedCD 
JuntaCDDB JuntaCD 
KalibasCDDB Product of Hard LivingCDAtlanta Band
KataklysmCDDB SorceryCD 
KataklysmCDDB In the Arms of DevastationCD 
KatatoniaCDDB Viva Emptinessacquired by PECCD 
KerbdogCDDB End of GreenCD 
Kick AxeCDDB VicesVinyl 
Kilgore SmudgeCDDB Blue Collar SolitudeCD 
Kilgore SmudgeCDDB Clean Edits and Some New ShitCD 
Kill The ClientCDDB Escalation Of HostilityCD 
KillersCDDB Menace to SocietyCD 
KillersCDDB Murder OneCD 
Killing SpreeCDDB Terror from Beyond SpaceCD 
Killing SpreeCDDB Deception Betrayal RevengeCD 
Killing the DreamCDDB In Place, ApartCD 
KillingbirdCDDB KillingbirdCD 
KilljoyCDDB Compelled by FearCD 
Killswitch EngageCDDB The End of HearacheCD 
Killswitch EngageCDDB The End Of Heartache (reissue)CD 
Killswitch EngageCDDB As Daylight Dies Bonus Tracksmain song is Holy Diver coverCD 
KilroyCDDB The Butcher's BillVinyl 
King DiamondCDDB ThemVinyl 
King DiamondCDDB Fatal PortraitVinyl 
King DiamondCDDB AbigailVinyl 
King DiamondCDDB No Presents For ChristmasVinyl 
King DiamondCDDB The Dark SidesVinyl 
King DiamondCDDB The Family Ghost/Shrine (single)Vinyl 
King DiamondCDDB Welcome Home/Phone Call (single)Vinyl 
King DiamondCDDB ConspiracyVinyl 
King DiamondCDDB House of GodCD 
King DiamondCDDB The Spider's LullabyeCD 
King DiamondCDDB The GraveyardCD 
King's EvilCDDB Deletion Of HumanoiseCD 
KinghorseCDDB KinghorseCD 
KinrickCDDB Sense Your DarknessCD 
KittieCDDB I've Failed YouCD 
KluteCDDB ExcludedCD 
KnightmareCDDB II - Death Do Us PartVinyl 
Knuckle SandwichCDDB NiceCD 
KonkhraCDDB Weed Out the WeakCD 
KonkhraCDDB Spit or SwallowCD 
Kor-LoktCDDB PrimerCD 
KornCDDB KornCD 
KorpiklaaniCDDB TervaskantoslipcaseCD 
KrabathorCDDB Mortal MemoriesCD 
KreatorCDDB Extreme Agressionx2Vinyl 
KreatorCDDB Terrible CertaintyVinyl 
KreatorCDDB Out Of The DarkVinyl 
KreatorCDDB Cause for ConflictCD 
KreatorCDDB Scenarios of ViolenceCD 
KreatorCDDB RenewalCD 
KreatorCDDB Coma of SoulsCD 
KreatorCDDB Enemy Of Godsigned copyCD 
KrisiumCDDB Conquerors of ArmageddonCD 
KrisiunCDDB BloodshedCD 
KrisiunCDDB AssassiNationpaper caseCD 
KrokusCDDB One Vice At A TimeVinyl 
KryoburnCDDB Enigmatic ExistanceCD 
KurtzCDDB A Metal Heritage for Young America5 song demoCDAtlanta Band
KuruCDDB EpidemicCD 
KylesaCDDB To Walk a Middle CourseCD 
KylesaCDDB Time Will Fuse Its WorthCD 
L.U.N.G.S.CDDB L.U.N.G.S. [promo]3 song promoCD 
Laaz RockitCDDB Know Your EnemyVinyl 
Laaz RockitCDDB Holiday In CambodiaVinyl 
Laaz RockitCDDB City's Gonna BurnVinyl 
Laaz RockitCDDB Annihilation PrincipleVinyl 
Lacrimas ProfundereCDDB Fall, I Will FollowCD 
Lacuna CoilCDDB Lacuna CoilCD 
Lacuna CoilCDDB Unleashed MemoriesCD 
LaethoraCDDB March of the Parasitemelodic death (slipcase)CD 
Lake of TearsCDDB HeadstonesCD 
Lamb of GodCDDB Ashes of the WakeCleanCD 
Lamb of GodCDDB Killadelphiafrom Live DVDCD 
Lawnmower DeathCDDB Return of the Fabulous Metal Bozo ClownsCD 
LeewayCDDB Open Mouth KissCD 
Legion Of The DamnedCDDB Malevolent RaptureCD 
Legion XCDDB Demonic HourCDAtlanta Band
Lemming ProjectCDDB Hate and DespiseCD 
LevelCDDB Icarus EPCDAtlanta Band
LeviathanCDDB Leviathan/Sapthuran splitBlack metalCD 
Leviathan/SapthuranCDDB Splitjewel caseCD 
Liege LordCDDB Burn To My TouchVinyl 
Liege LordCDDB Master ControlVinyl 
Life of AgonyCDDB UglyCD 
Lift (6) EighteenCDDB ClipCD 
LigeiaCDDB Your Ghost Is A GiftCD 
Light This CityCDDB Remains of the GodsCD 
Light This CityCDDB Facing the ThousandCD 
LilituCDDB The Delores Lesionx2CDAtlanta Band
LividityCDDB The Age of Clitoral DecayCD 
LividityCDDB Fetish for the SickCD 
Living DeathCDDB Protected From RealityVinyl 
Living SacrificeCDDB The Hammering ProcessCD 
Living SacrificeCDDB NonexistentCD 
LockupCDDB Pleasures Pave SewersCD 
Long Winter's StareCDDB The Tears of Odin's FallenCD 
Lord BelialCDDB Unholy CrusadeCD 
Lord BelialCDDB Revelation: The 7th Sealblack metalCD 
Lorde of All DesiresCDDB The Scent of MalevolenceCD 
Lorna ShoreCDDB PsalmsCD 
LOSACDDB The Perfect MomentCD 
LossCDDB Life Without Hope... Death Without ReasonCD 
Loss For WordsCDDB PreyVinyl 
Loss of BreathCDDB UnsavedCD 
Lost EdenCDDB Cycle RepeatsMelodic death (slipcase)CD 
Louder Than GodCDDB Louder Than GodCD 
LoudnessCDDB Thunder In The EastVinyl 
Love HistoryCDDB AnasaziCD 
LudichristCDDB Immaculate DeceptionVinyl 
LudichristCDDB PowertripVinyl 
Luna Ad NoctumCDDB Dimness ProfoundCD 
Luna FieldCDDB DivaCD 
LunaticCDDB Uncontrollable HatredCD 
Lust of DecayCDDB Infesting the ExhumedCDAtlanta Band
LuxtCDDB American BeastCD 
M.O.D.CDDB Gross MisconductVinyl 
M.O.D.CDDB Loved by Thousands Hated by MillionsCD 
M.O.D.CDDB Rhythm Of FearCD 
M.O.D.CDDB DevolutionCD 
M.O.D.CDDB Dictated AggressionCD 
MacabreCDDB Sinister SlaughterCD 
MacabreCDDB Murder MetalCD 
MacabreCDDB DahmerburnedCD 
MachineCDDB What Are You Looking At?CD 
Machine HeadCDDB The Burning RedCD 
Machine HeadCDDB Through the Ashes of EmpiresCD 
Machine HeadCDDB The More Things Change??CD 
Machine HeadCDDB The More Things Change? [edited]?Clean VersionsCD 
Machine HeadCDDB Burn My EyesCD 
Machine HeadCDDB HellaliveCD 
Machine HeadCDDB Old4 song promoCD 
Machine HeadCDDB The Blackeningjewel caseCD 
MactatusCDDB The Complex BewitchmentCD 
MadballCDDB N.Y.H.C.CD 
MadballCDDB Set it OffCD 
MadballCDDB LegacyCD 
Magna-FiCDDB Burn Out The StarsCD 
Magnitude NineCDDB Decoding the SoulCD 
Malevolent CreationCDDB EternalCD 
Malevolent CreationCDDB StillbornCD 
Malevolent CreationCDDB The Ten CommandmentsCD 
Malevolent CreationCDDB RetributionCD 
Malevolent CreationCDDB The Fine Art of MurderCD 
Malevolent CreationCDDB Joe BlackCD 
MalignancyCDDB Cross Species TransmutationCD 
Mallet-HeadCDDB Mallet-HeadVinyl 
ManegarmCDDB Nordstiarnans TidsalderCD 
ManholeCDDB Los Angeles3 song promoCD 
Maniac ButcherCDDB BarbariansBurned copyCD 
ManicCDDB Metalfest 2003 Livex2CDAtlanta Band
ManicCDDB Live Shows12 songsCDAtlanta Band
ManicCDDB Manic4 songsCDAtlanta Band
ManntisCDDB Sleep In Your GraveCD 
ManowarCDDB King of Kings single1 song promoCD 
MantissaCDDB Mary Mary2 song promoCD 
MardukCDDB World FuneralCD 
MardukCDDB La Grand Danse MacabreCD 
MardukCDDB Plague AngelCD 
MardukCDDB ObedienceBurned copyCD 
MardukCDDB Rom 5:12jewel caseCD 
MartyrCDDB Feeding the AbscessslipcaseCD 
MartyrdCDDB The Mortal CoilCD 
Mary Beats JaneCDDB Old3 song promoCD 
MasakariCDDB The Profit FeedsCD 
MasqueradeCDDB Surface of PainCD 
Mass PsychosisCDDB NecropornoCD 
MassacreCDDB Inhuman ConditionCD 
MassacreCDDB From BeyondCD 
MasterCDDB On the Seventh Day God Created??MasterCD 
MasteryCDDB Lethal LegacyCD 
MastodonCDDB LeviathanCD 
MastodonCDDB RemissionCD 
MastodonCDDB March of the Fire Ants EPhas Thin Lizzy cover & a live trackCD 
MastodonCDDB LifesbloodCD 
MastodonCDDB The HunterCDAtlanta Band
Matt KonfirstCDDB An Effigy of SolitudeCD 
MayhemCDDB Grand Declaration of WarCD 
MayhemCDDB De Mysteriis Dom SathanasCD 
MayhemCDDB Live in LeipzigBurned copyCD 
MayhemCDDB Mediolanum Capta EstBurned copyCD 
Maze of TormentCDDB Death StrikesCD 
MD.45CDDB The CravingCD 
MeatCurtainCDDB MeatCurtain4 song promoCD 
MeatCurtainCDDB The Unrelenting EP4 songsCDAtlanta Band
MeatshitsCDDB Ecstasy of DeathCD 
Medusa OblongadaCDDB Medusa OblongadaCD 
MegadethCDDB Hook In Mouth1 song promoVinyl 
MegadethCDDB So Far, So Good, So What!Vinyl 
MegadethCDDB Countdown To ExtinctionVinyl 
MegadethCDDB Peace Sells, But Who's Buying?Vinyl 
MegadethCDDB Killing Is My Business, And Business Is GoodVinyl 
MegadethCDDB Cryptic WritingsCD 
MegadethCDDB Megadeth LiveCD 
MegadethCDDB The System Has FailedCD 
MegadethCDDB United Abominationsjewel caseCD 
Meliah RageCDDB Live KillVinyl 
Meliah RageCDDB Solitary SolitudeCD 
Meliah RageCDDB Death Valley DreamCD 
Meliah RageCDDB Barely HumanCD 
Memento MoriCDDB La Danse MacabreCD 
Memory GardenCDDB TidesCD 
Mental HomeCDDB Upon The Shores Of Inner SeasCD 
Mental HomeCDDB Black ArtCD 
MerauderCDDB Master KillerCD 
MercenaryCDDB 11 DreamsCD 
MercenaryCDDB The Hours That RemainCD 
Mercury TideCDDB Why?CD 
Mercyful FateCDDB The BeginningVinyl 
Mercyful FateCDDB The Bell WitchCD 
Mercyful FateCDDB TimeCD 
MercylessCDDB Abject OfferingsCD 
Merendine AtomicheCDDB Walk Across FireCD 
MerrimackCDDB Of Entropy and Life Denialblack metal (slipcase)CD 
MeshuggahCDDB The True Human DesignCD 
MeshuggahCDDB ChaosphereCD 
MeshuggahCDDB Meshuggah5 song promoCD 
MeshuggahCDDB Destroy, Erase, ImproveCD 
MeshuggahCDDB None EPCD 
MeshuggahCDDB Catch ThirtyThreeCD 
Metal ChurchCDDB Metal ChurchVinyl 
Metal ChurchCDDB Blessing In DisguiseVinyl 
Metal ChurchCDDB Metal Church (promo)2 songsVinyl 
Metal ChurchCDDB The DarkVinyl 
Metal ChurchCDDB A Light In The DarkCD 
MetallicaCDDB ...And Justice For AllVinyl 
MetallicaCDDB Harvester Of Sorrow EPVinyl 
MetallicaCDDB Kill 'Em AllVinyl 
MetallicaCDDB Master Of PuppetsVinyl 
MetallicaCDDB Ride The LightningVinyl 
MetallicaCDDB For Whom The Bell Tolls (promo)2 songsVinyl 
Midas TouchCDDB Pressage Of DisasterVinyl 
MiddianCDDB Age Eternaljewel caseCD 
MidnattsolCDDB Where Twilight DwellsCD 
Mike Hunt MusicCDDB Music to Kill ForCD 
Mind RiotCDDB PeakCD 
MindrotCDDB SoulCD 
MindrotCDDB Forlorn3 song promoCD 
MindrotCDDB DawningCD 
MinistryCDDB XXXXXXXXXXXXX2 song promoVinyl 
MinistryCDDB Piss3 song promoCD 
MinistryCDDB Sphinctour 1996CD 
MinistryCDDB AnimositisominaCD 
MinistryCDDB Rio Grande BloodCD 
MinistryCDDB The Last SuckerCD 
MinskCDDB The Ritual Fires of AbandonmentSludgy, Isis-type stuffCD 
Minus DriverCDDB A Message for YouCD 
Misery IndexCDDB RetaliateCD 
Misery IndexCDDB DissentCD 
Misery IndexCDDB DiscordiaCD 
Misery Index/Commit SuicideCDDB Split CDCD 
Misery Loves Co.CDDB Misery Loves Co.CD 
Misery Loves Co.CDDB Happy?CD 
Misery Loves Co.CDDB Misery Loves Co. [promo]3 song promoCD 
Misery SignalsCDDB Of Malice and the Magnum HeartCD 
MithotynCDDB King of the Distant Forestx2CD 
MithotynCDDB In the Sign of the RavensCD 
MithrasCDDB Worlds Beyond the VeilCD 
MithrasCDDB Behind the Shadows Lie MadnessCD 
MnemicCDDB Mechanical Spin Phenomena4 song promoCD 
MonarchCDDB MonarchCD 
Monster Voodoo MachineCDDB Inside These Walls3 song promoCD 
MonstrosityCDDB Imperial DoomCD 
MonstrosityCDDB Enslaving the MassesCD 
MonstrosityCDDB In Dark PurityCD 
MonstrosityCDDB MilleniumCD 
MonstrosityCDDB Rise To PowerCD 
MoonsorrowCDDB Viides Luku: HavitettyAcquired used by PWCCD 
MoonspellCDDB The Butterfly EffectCD 
MoonspellCDDB WolfheartCD 
MoonspellCDDB MemorialCD 
Morbid AngelCDDB Blessed Are the SickCD 
Morbid AngelCDDB Altars of MadnessCD 
Morbid AngelCDDB CovenantCD 
Morbid AngelCDDB MaleficiumCD 
MordredCDDB Fool's GameVinyl 
Morgana LefayCDDB SanctifiedCD 
Morgana LefayCDDB Past Present FutureCD 
Morgana LefayCDDB MaleficiumCD 
MorgensternCDDB RauschCD 
MorgionCDDB SolinariCD 
MorgothCDDB CursedCD 
MorgothCDDB The Eternal FallCD 
MorgothCDDB 1987-1997 The Best Of MorgothCD 
MorgulCDDB Lost in Shadows GreyCD 
Mortal TreasonCDDB Sunrise Over a Sea of BloodCD 
MorticianCDDB Hacked Up for BarbecueCD 
MorticianCDDB House by the CemetaryCD 
MorticianCDDB Mortal MassacreCD 
MortificationCDDB Triumph of MercyCD 
MortificationCDDB 10 Years Live not DeadCD 
MortificationCDDB MortificationCD 
MortificationCDDB Lost Momentary AfflictionCD 
Most Precious BloodCDDB Nothing in VainCD 
Most Precious BloodCDDB MercilessCD 
MotograterCDDB MotograterCD 
MotorheadCDDB No RemorseVinyl 
MotorheadCDDB No Sleep At AllVinyl 
MotorheadCDDB OrgasmotronVinyl 
MotorheadCDDB Rock 'N RollVinyl 
MotorheadCDDB 1916Vinyl 
MotorheadCDDB InfernoCD 
MotorheadCDDB March Or DieCD 
MotorheadCDDB You Better Run1 songCD 
MotorheadCDDB SacrificeCD 
MotorheadCDDB Sacrifice [promo]2 song promoCD 
MotorheadCDDB Overnight SensationCD 
MotorheadCDDB Kiss Of DeathCD 
MotorjesusCDDB DeathriderCD 
Mourning SignCDDB MultiverseCD 
Mourning SignCDDB AlienorCD 
MudvayneCDDB Fucking Determinedvery unclean singleCD 
MundaneCDDB SeedCD 
Murder SquadCDDB Unsane, Insane, and Mentally DerangedCD 
Murphy's LawCDDB DedicatedCD 
My Dying BrideCDDB The Angel and the Dark River/Live at the Dynamo2 discsCD 
My Own VictimCDDB No Voice, No Rights, No FreedomCD 
My Own VictimCDDB The WeaponCD 
My Own VictimCDDB Burning InsideCD 
MyrkskogCDDB Superior MassacreCD 
Myself Am HellCDDB The World I Died ForCD 
MystikCDDB Perpetual BeingCD 
N.I.L.8CDDB EunuchCD 
N.I.L.8CDDB Hallelujah I'm Gonna Kiss MyselfCD 
N17CDDB Defy EverythingCD 
NachtmystiumCDDB Instinct:Decayjewel caseCD 
Naer MataronCDDB Discipline ManifestoCD 
NaeraCDDB Let The Tempest ComeCD 
NaglfarCDDB SheolCD 
NaglfarCDDB Pariahpaper caseCD 
NaglfarCDDB HarvestslipcaseCD 
NapalmCDDB Combat Boot CampVinyl 
Napalm DeathCDDB Utopia BanishedCD 
Napalm DeathCDDB DiatribesCD 
Napalm DeathCDDB Inside the Torn ApartCD 
Napalm DeathCDDB Death by ManipulationCD 
Napalm DeathCDDB Words From the Exit WoundCD 
Napalm DeathCDDB ScumCD 
Napalm DeathCDDB Hung2 song promoCD 
Napalm DeathCDDB Greed KillingCD 
Napalm DeathCDDB The Code is Red...Long Live the CodeCD 
Napalm DeathCDDB Smear CampaignCD 
Napalm DeathCDDB Punishment in Capitalsjewel caseCD 
NarcolepsyCDDB 1993-1997 CompilationCD 
NarniaCDDB Desert LandCD 
NasumCDDB HelveteCD 
NasumCDDB Human 2.0CD 
NasumCDDB Inhale/ExhaleCD 
Nattvindens GratCDDB Chaos Without TheoryCD 
NeaeraCDDB The Rising Tide of OblivionCD 
NebulaCDDB Atomic RitualCD 
Necessary EvilCDDB Juggernottx2CD 
NecrolordCDDB Burn with the BeastCDAtlanta Band
NecrolordCDDB Land of the DeadCDAtlanta Band
NecrolordCDDB Kingdom of HellCDAtlanta Band
NecronomiconCDDB The Sacred MedicinesCD 
NecrophagiaCDDB Black Blood Vomitorium4 song promoCD 
NecrophagiaCDDB Harvest Ritual Volume ICD 
NecrophagistCDDB Onset of PutrefactionCD 
NecrophobicCDDB Spawned by EvilCD 
NecrophobicCDDB The Nocturnal SilenceCD 
NecropolusCDDB Contemplating SlaughterVinylAtlanta Band
NecrosanctCDDB IncarnateCD 
NehemiahCDDB LenoreCD 
NemesisCDDB The Day of RetributionCD 
NeolithicCDDB The Personal Fragment of LifeCD 
Nervo ChaosCDDB Quarrel in HellCD 
NeuraxisCDDB Trilateral ProgressionCD 
NeurosisCDDB Times of Grace/The Last You'll Know3 songsCD 
NeurosisCDDB Pain of MindCD 
NeurosisCDDB Through Silver in Bloodx2CD 
NeurosisCDDB Locust StarCD 
NeurosisCDDB Given to the Risingjewel caseCD 
NevermoreCDDB NevermoreVinyl 
NevermoreCDDB Dead Heart, In A Dead WorldCD 
NevermoreCDDB Dreaming Neon BlackCD 
NevermoreCDDB NevermoreCD 
New American ShameCDDB New American ShameCD 
NifelheimCDDB NifelheimCD 
NifelheimCDDB Servants Of DarknessCD 
Night In GalesCDDB Towards the TwilightCD 
NightrageCDDB Descent Into Chaosslip caseCD 
NightrageCDDB A New Disease is BornslipcaseCD 
Nights Like TheseCDDB The FaithlessCD 
NightwishCDDB Century ChildCD 
NightwishCDDB OnceCD 
NihilistCDDB Nihilist4 song promoCD 
NihilistCDDB Machineburned from cassetteCD 
NileCDDB Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-KaCD 
NileCDDB Unas Slayer of the Godsx2CD 
NileCDDB Black Seeds of VenegenceCD 
NileCDDB Annihilation Of The WickedCD 
NileCDDB Ithyphallicjewel caseCD 
NineCDDB Killing AngelsCD 
No FraudCDDB Hard To The CoreVinyl 
No WarningCDDB Ill BloodCD 
No WarningCDDB Suffer, SurviveCD 
No WarningCDDB Sampler3 songs from Suffer, SurviveCD 
NoctuaryCDDB When Fires Breed BloodCD 
Noctural RitesCDDB AfterlifeCD 
Nocturnal RitesCDDB The 8th SinCD 
Nodes of RanvierCDDB The Years To ComeCD 
NominonCDDB The CleansingCD 
Norma JeanCDDB Bless the Martyr and Kiss the ChildCD 
Norma JeanCDDB O God, The Aftermathx2CD 
North Side KingsCDDB A Family AffairCD 
NortherCDDB Mirror of MadnessCD 
NothingfaceCDDB Skeletons3 song promoCD 
NothingfaceCDDB Skeletons (clean version)CD 
NothingfaceCDDB PacifierCD 
Notre DameCDDB Vol1: Le Theatre Du VampireCD 
Novembers DoomCDDB To Welcome the FadeCD 
Novembers DoomCDDB The KnowingCD 
Novembers DoomCDDB The Pale Haunt DepartureCD 
Novembers DoomCDDB The Novella ResevoirCD 
Nox InvictusCDDB Empowered by DarknessCDAtlanta Band
Nuclear AssaultCDDB SurviveVinyl 
Nuclear AssaultCDDB Handle With CareVinyl 
Nuclear AssaultCDDB Game OverVinyl 
Nuclear AssaultCDDB Harder Than You - In Effect3 song promoVinyl 
Nuclear AssaultCDDB Brain DeathVinyl 
Nuclear AssaultCDDB Something WickedCD 
Nuclear AssaultCDDB Third World GenocideCD 
NullCDDB NullCD 
Num SkullCDDB When Suffering ComesCD 
OatheanCDDB Fading Away Into The Graves Of NothingnessCD 
ObituaryCDDB The End CompleteCD 
ObituaryCDDB Cause of DeathCD 
ObituaryCDDB Back from the DeadCD 
ObituaryCDDB DeadCD 
ObituaryCDDB World DemiseCD 
ObituaryCDDB Slowly We RotCD 
ObituaryCDDB Don't Care3 song promoCD 
ObituaryCDDB Frozen in TimeCD 
ObsessionCDDB Methods Of MadnessVinyl 
Obtained EnslavementCDDB The Shepard and the Hounds of HellCD 
Octavia SperatiCDDB Winter EnclosureCD 
OdenwrathCDDB The Ravencultalbum sucks but it came with a scroll!CD 
Odes of EcstasyCDDB Decietful MelodyCD 
Odious MortemCDDB Devouring the ProphecyCD 
Old Man's ChildCDDB Revelation 666CD 
OmegalordCDDB Hammer DownSkullbong!!!CD 
OmenCDDB The CurseVinyl 
OmnimotionCDDB OmnimotionCD 
Omnium GatherumCDDB Years in WasteslipcaseCD 
One Dead Three WoundedCDDB Paint the TownCD 
One Life CrewCDDB Crime Ridden SocietyCD 
One Minute SilenceCDDB A Waste of Things to ComeCD 
Only Living WitnessCDDB Only Living Witness2 song promoCD 
Only Living WitnessCDDB InnocentsCD 
OnslaughtCDDB Power From HellVinyl 
OnslaughtCDDB Killing PeaceslipcaseCD 
OnwardCDDB ReawakenCD 
OnwardCDDB EvermovingCD 
OpethCDDB Blackwater ParkCD 
OpethCDDB DeliveranceCD 
OpethCDDB Ghost ReveriesCD 
OphthalmiaCDDB A Long JourneyCD 
Opiate for the MassesCDDB The SporeCD 
OppressorCDDB AgonyCD 
OppressorCDDB European Oppression LiveCD 
OppressorCDDB Elements of CorrosionCD 
OpprobriumCDDB Discerning ForcesCD 
Optimum Wound ProfileCDDB Silver or LeadCD 
Orange 9mmCDDB Orange 9mm2 song promoCD 
Orange 9mmCDDB DriverCD 
Orange 9mmCDDB High Speed Changer1 song promoCD 
OrganCDDB Install The UndergroundCDAtlanta Band
OrganCDDB Volume Of HateCDAtlanta Band
OriginCDDB OriginCD 
OriginCDDB Echoes of DecimationCD 
OrphanageCDDB By Time AloneCD 
OsivaCDDB Riot LevelCD 
OtisCDDB Electric LandladyCD 
OvercastCDDB Fight Ambition to KillCD 
OverdoseCDDB ScarsCD 
OverdoseCDDB Overdose3 song promoCD 
OverdoseCDDB Progress of DecadenceCD 
OverkillCDDB Elimination1 song promoVinyl 
OverkillCDDB Feel The FireVinyl 
OverkillCDDB Under The InfluenceVinyl 
OverkillCDDB !!!Fuck You!!!Vinyl 
OverkillCDDB The Years Of DecayVinyl 
OverkillCDDB Triumph Of The WillVinyl 
OverkillCDDB From the Underground and BelowCD 
OverkillCDDB OverkillCD 
OverkillCDDB I Hear BlackCD 
OverkillCDDB Spiritual Void2 song promoCD 
OverkillCDDB The Electric AgeCD 
OvermarsCDDB Affliction, Endocrine...VertigoCD 
Ozzy OsbourneCDDB OzzmosisCD 
Ozzy OsbourneCDDB Blizzard of OzzCD 
Ozzy OsbourneCDDB Live and Loud SamplerCD 
Ozzy OsbourneCDDB Diary of a MadmanCD 
P.E.D.CDDB Post Ejaculation DepressionVinyl 
PackageCDDB Wartorn6 songsCDAtlanta Band
Pagan WinterCDDB The Cult of Fleshx2CD 
Pain PrincipleCDDB Chronic Rage DisorderCD 
Paint It BlackCDDB ParadiseCD 
PalacesCDDB TarnishVinylAtlanta Band
Pan-Thy-MoniumCDDB III: Khaooohs & Kon-fus-ionCD 
PandemiaCDDB Spreading the MessageCD 
PandemiaCDDB Personal DemonNo CaseCD 
PandemicCDDB Angry SkyCD 
PanicCDDB EpidemicCD 
PanicCDDB FactCD 
PanteraCDDB The Great Southern TrendkillCD 
PanteraCDDB Cowboys From HellCD 
PanteraCDDB Pantera3 song promoCD 
PanteraCDDB Drag the Waters1 song promoCD 
PanteraCDDB Floods1 song promoCD 
Paradise LostCDDB IconCD 
Paradise LostCDDB Draconian TimesCD 
Paradise LostCDDB Symbol of LifeCD 
Paradise LostCDDB Shades Of GodCD 
Paradise LostCDDB As I Die4 song promoCD 
Paradise LostCDDB Paradise LostCD 
Paradise LostCDDB The Plague WithinCD 
ParalysisCDDB Patrons of the DarkCD 
ParamaeciumCDDB Exhumed of the EarthCD 
PathologyCDDB Awaken to the SufferingCD 
Paths of PossessionCDDB Promises in BloodCD 
Paul ChainCDDB AlkahestCD 
Peace SanctuaryCDDB Defy the Release4 song promoCD 
PeccatumCDDB Strangling from WithinCD 
PeccatumCDDB Lost In ReverieCD 
PelicanCDDB City of EchoesCD 
Perdition/Vicious CircleCDDB Aussie-Core (split)Vinyl 
PerniousCDDB BloodlustCD 
PerpetuaCDDB IrrationalCD 
PessimistCDDB Slaughtering the FaithfulCD 
PessimistCDDB Cult of the InitiatedCD 
PessimistCDDB PessimistCD 
PestilenceCDDB Consuming ImpulseVinyl 
PestilenceCDDB SpheresCD 
PestilenceCDDB Testimony of the AncientsCD 
PhantasmCDDB The AbominableCD 
PhazmCDDB Hate At First SeedCD 
PhobosCDDB TectonicsCD 
Pig DestroyerCDDB Prowler in the YardCD 
PikeCDDB Lack of JudgementCD 
Pissing RazorsCDDB Cast Down the PlagueCD 
Pissing RazorsCDDB Fields of DisbeliefCD 
Pist OnCDDB Number OneCD 
PitchshifterCDDB SubmitCD 
PitchshifterCDDB IndustrialCD 
PitchshifterCDDB Triad3 song promoCD 
PitchshifterCDDB Infotainment?CD 
PoltergeistCDDB Behind My MaskCD 
Pork!CDDB Delectable Demo!CDAtlanta Band
PossessionCDDB Eternallly HauntCD 
Post MortemCDDB The Missing LinkVinyl 
Post MortemCDDB Destined for FailureCD 
PostmortemCDDB The Age Of MassmurderCD 
Power SymphonyCDDB LightbringerCD 
PowerfaceCDDB 4 on the Floor4 song promoCD 
PowermadCDDB Absolute PowerVinyl 
PowermadCDDB The Madness BeginsVinyl 
PowerwolfCDDB Blessed & Possessedcardboard-sleeve promoCD 
Precious MetalCDDB Precious MetalVinyl 
PredatorCDDB Easy PreyVinyl 
Premonitions of WarCDDB Glorified Dirt + The True Face of PanicCD 
Primal FearCDDB Jaws of DeathCD 
Primal FearCDDB Nuclear FireCD 
Prime MoverCDDB A Monument To Your SinsCDAtlanta Band
Prime MoverCDDB When Dreams Of Death Are EuphoricCDAtlanta Band
PrmmvrCDDB Demo 20026 songsCDAtlanta Band
Pro-PainCDDB State of Mind2 song promoCD 
Pro-PainCDDB The Truth HurtsCD 
Pro-PainCDDB Contents Under PressureCD 
Pro-PainCDDB Pro-PainCD 
Pro-PainCDDB Foul Taste of FreedomCD 
Pro-PainCDDB Put the Lights Out1 song promoCD 
Pro-PainCDDB Prophets of DoomCD 
Pro-PainCDDB Age of Tyrannyhardcorish (slipcase)CD 
ProboscisCDDB StalemateCD 
Profane OmenCDDB Label of BlackCDAtlanta Band
ProngCDDB Force FedVinyl 
ProngCDDB Live At CBGBVinyl 
ProngCDDB Snap Your NeckCD 
ProngCDDB CleansingCD 
ProngCDDB Scorpio RisingCD 
ProngCDDB Snap Your Fingers, Break Your Back The Remix EPCD 
ProngCDDB Prove You WrongCD 
ProngCDDB Rude AwakeningCD 
ProngCDDB 100% LiveCD 
Prostitute DisfigurementCDDB Embalmed MadnessCD 
Puaka BalavaCDDB Puaka BalavaCDAtlanta Band
Pungent StenchCDDB Dirty Rhymes and Pyschotronic BeatsCD 
Pungent StenchCDDB For God Your Soul??For Me Your FleshCD 
Pungent StenchCDDB Been Caught ButteringCD 
Pungent StenchCDDB Masters Of Moral Servants Of Sin (promo)tracks 1-3 full length, rest fadedCD 
Pungent StenchCDDB Pungent StenchCD 
Pungent StenchCDDB AmpeautyCD 
Putrid PileCDDB Collection Of ButcheryCD 
PyogenesisCDDB Sweet X-Rated NothingsCD 
PyogenesisCDDB Waves of ErotasiaCD 
PyrexiaCDDB Cruelty Beyond SubmissionCD 
QueensrycheCDDB Queensryche6 song promoCD 
Quo VadisCDDB Forever...?CD 
QwestionCDDB YCD 
R'lyehCDDB That Which Dwelleth??CD 
RaCDDB From OneCD 
RageCDDB Perfect ManVinyl 
Rage Against the MachineCDDB Evil EmpireCD 
Raging SpeedhornCDDB How The Great Have FallenCD 
Raging SpeedhornCDDB How Much Can a Man Take EPClean EditsCD 
RagnarokCDDB Blackdoor MiracleCD 
Raise HellCDDB Holy TargetCD 
Raise the Red LanternCDDB Breathe FireCD 
RamallahCDDB Kill A CelebrityCD 
RamessesCDDB The TombCD 
Random KillingCDDB Random KillingCD 
Random KillingCDDB Thoughts of AggressionCD 
Random KillingCDDB WelcomeCD 
Rare FormCDDB DemonCD 
RavenousCDDB Blood DeliriumCD 
ReapersCDDB MetalnessCD 
RefluxCDDB The Illusion Of DemocracyCD 
RefusedCDDB RefusedCD 
ReignCDDB Exit ClauseCD 
Reign of ErebusCDDB HumanracistCD 
ReleaseCDDB End of the LightCD 
Remembering NeverCDDB Women and Children Die FirstCD 
ResoundCDDB CrucifixCD 
ResurrectionCDDB Embalmed ExistenceCD 
RhapsodyCDDB Dawn Of VictoryCD 
RhapsodyCDDB Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark SecretCD 
Rhapsody (Of Fire)CDDB Triumph Or AgonyCD 
Righteous PigsCDDB Stress RelatedCD 
Rigor MortisCDDB Rigor MortisVinyl 
RingwormCDDB Justice Replaced by RevengeCD 
RitualCDDB The SummoningCD 
Roadrunner UnitedCDDB The All-Star SessionsCD 
Rogue MaleCDDB First VisitVinyl 
Roots VCDDB The PentangleCD 
RosicrucionCDDB SilenceCD 
Rotten SoundCDDB DrainCD 
Rotting ChristCDDB A Dead PoemCD 
Rotting ChristCDDB KhronosCD 
Rotting ChristCDDB Thy Mighty ContractCD 
Rotting ChristCDDB Passage To ArcturoCD 
Rotting ChristCDDB Triarchy of the Lost LoversCD 
RuneCDDB The End Of NothingCD 
Running WildCDDB Gates To PurgatoryVinyl 
Russell AllenCDDB Russell Allen's Atomic SoulCD 
RuthlessCDDB Discipline Of SteelVinyl 
RwakeCDDB Voice of Omensjewel caseCD 
S.O.D.CDDB Speak English Or DieVinyl 
S.O.S.CDDB Adios BanditoCD 
S.W.I.T.C.H.CDDB 2003 Demo5 songsCDAtlanta Band
SabbatCDDB History Of A Time To ComeVinyl 
SabbatCDDB Mourning Has BrokenCD 
SacramentumCDDB The Coming of ChaosCD 
Sacred ReichCDDB Surf NicaraguaVinyl 
Sacred ReichCDDB IndependentVinyl 
Sacred ReichCDDB IgnoranceVinyl 
Sacred ReichCDDB HealCD 
Sacred ReichCDDB A Question3 song promoCD 
Sacred ReichCDDB Still Ignorant (1987-1997)CD 
Sacred ReichCDDB IndependentCD 
SacreilegeCDDB Turn Back TrilobiteVinyl 
SacrificeCDDB Forward To TerminationVinyl 
SacrificeCDDB Apocalypse InsideCD 
SacrilegeCDDB The Fifth SeasonCD 
SadnessCDDB DantefernoCD 
SadnessCDDB EvangelionCD 
SadusCDDB Out For BloodCD 
Saint VitusCDDB Hallow's VictimVinyl 
Sam Black ChurchCDDB The Black ComedyCD 
SamaelCDDB RebellionCD 
SamaelCDDB PassageCD 
SamaelCDDB Blood RitualCD 
SamaelCDDB Ceremony of OppositesCD 
SanctityCDDB Road to Bloodshedjewel caseCD 
SanctuaryCDDB Into The Mirror BlackVinyl 
Sappy BellCDDB To Die Again TomorrowCD 
SapthuranCDDB Leviathan/Sapthuran splitBlack metalCD 
SarcofagoCDDB RottingCD 
SargeistCDDB Disciple of the Heinous PathCD 
SatanCDDB Suspended SentenceVinyl 
Satanic SlaughterCDDB Land Of The Unholy SoulsCD 
Satanic SlaughterCDDB Satanic SlaughterCD 
SatyriconCDDB VolcanoCD 
SatyriconCDDB Intermezzo IICD 
SatyriconCDDB Rebel ExtravaganzaCD 
SatyriconCDDB Now, DiabolicalCD 
Savage GraceCDDB After The Fall From GraceVinyl 
SavatageCDDB Dead Winter Dead/Christmas Eve2 song promoCD 
SaxonCDDB Wheels Of SteelVinyl 
SaxonCDDB Unleash The BeastCD 
Scar CultureCDDB InscribeCD 
Scar SymmetryCDDB Pitch Black ProgressCD 
ScarletCDDB Cult ClassicCD 
ScarletCDDB This Was Always Meant To Fall ApartCD 
Scars of TomorrowCDDB The Horror of RealizationCD 
ScatterbrainCDDB 2 Song PromoVinyl 
Scattered RemainsCDDB Inherent PeruersionCD 
ScavengerCDDB Madness to Our MethodCD 
ScholomanceCDDB The Immortality MurderCD 
School Of ViolenceCDDB We The PeopleVinyl 
ScidCDDB Fucked Beyond RecognitionCD 
Screeching WeaselCDDB Screeching WeaselVinyl 
Sear BlissCDDB Glory And PerditionCD 
Season to RiskCDDB Season to RiskCD 
SemarglCDDB Attack On GodCD 
SemarglCDDB SatanogenesisCD 
SentencedCDDB Love & Death/Amok4 song promoCD 
SentencedCDDB AmokCD 
SentencedCDDB North From HereCD 
SentencedCDDB The Funeral AlbumCD 
SepsismCDDB Purulent DecompositionCD 
SepulturaCDDB Under SiegeVinyl 
SepulturaCDDB Slave New World EPVinyl 
SepulturaCDDB Beneath The RemainsVinyl 
SepulturaCDDB Territory3 songsCD 
SepulturaCDDB Under A Pale Grey SkyCD 
SepulturaCDDB RootsCD 
SepulturaCDDB Morbid VisionsCD 
SepulturaCDDB Arise (promo)3 song promoCD 
SepulturaCDDB AriseCD 
SepulturaCDDB AgainstCD 
SepulturaCDDB Refuse/Resist (promo)2 songsCD 
SepulturaCDDB Roots Bloody Roots4 song promoCD 
SepulturaCDDB Dante XXICD 
SerenityCDDB Words Untold and Dreams UnlivedCD 
Serpent ObsceneCDDB Serpent Obsceneno jewel caseCD 
SetherialCDDB Hell EternalCD 
Seven WitchesCDDB Passage to the Other SideCD 
SevendustCDDB Seasons Sampler2 song promoCD 
Seventh AngelCDDB Lament For The WearyCD 
Seventh OmenCDDB MajesticCD 
Sever Torture/Blood Red ThroneCDDB A Taste For ButcheryCD 
SeveranceCDDB Salvation DeniedCD 
Sex MachinegunsCDDB The Best Of - discs 1, 2, and 3burned copiesCD 
ShadowCDDB ShadowCD 
Shadows FallCDDB The Art of BalanceCD 
Shadows FallCDDB Of One BloodCD 
Shadows FallCDDB The War WithinCD 
Sheer TerrorCDDB Old, New, Borrowed, And Bluex2CD 
Sheer TerrorCDDB Love Songs For The UnlovedCD 
Sheer TerrorCDDB Good Fer Nuthin EPCD 
Sheer TerrorCDDB College BoyCD 
Sheer TerrorCDDB Not Waving, DrowningCD 
Sheer TerrorCDDB Thanks Fer Nuthin'CD 
ShiningCDDB V - Halmstadjewel caseCD 
Shock BoxCDDB Droppin the BombCD 
Sick HeadCDDB Drugs, Money, SexCD 
Sick of it AllCDDB Scratch the SurfaceCD 
Sick Of It AllCDDB Built To LastCD 
Sick of it AllCDDB Cool As A Mustache3 song promoCD 
Sick of it AllCDDB Blood, Sweat, and No TearsCD 
Sickening GoreCDDB Destructive RealtiyCD 
SiebenburgenCDDB DelictumCD 
SiebenburgenCDDB LoreiaCD 
SighCDDB Imaginary SonicscapeCD 
Signs Of DyingCDDB Desire Is SufferingCD 
SilenceCDDB Wisteria5 songsCDAtlanta Band
SilenceCDDB All or Nothing??CDAtlanta Band
SilenceCDDB Silence2 songsCDAtlanta Band
Silicon HeadCDDB BashCD 
SilversteinCDDB When Broken Is Easily FixedCD 
Simple AggressionCDDB Formulations in BlackCD 
Simple AgressionCDDB GravityCD 
Sinai BeachCDDB ImmersedCD 
Single Bullet TheoryCDDB Behind Eyes Of HatredCD 
SinisterCDDB Bastard SaintsCD 
SinisterCDDB HateCD 
SinisterCDDB Aggressive MeasuresCD 
SinisterCDDB Savage Or GraceCD 
Sinister FootwearCDDB Be Me YouCD 
SireniaCDDB At Sixes and SevensCD 
Sister Machine GunCDDB MetropolisCD 
SixCDDB The Price Of FaithCD 
Six Feet UnderCDDB Maximum ViolenceCD 
Six Feet UnderCDDB 13CD 
Six Feet UnderCDDB A Decade in the Grave(boxset sampler)CD 
Six Feet UnderCDDB HauntedCD 
SixfeetdeepCDDB The Road Less TraveledCD 
Skank 456CDDB The Big PaybackCD 
SkatenigsCDDB Stupid People Shouldn't BreedCD 
Skeletal EarthCDDB Eulogy for a Dying FetusCD 
Skeleton of GodCDDB Urine Garden/Bleached In The SunDeathgasmCD 
SkepticismCDDB StormcrowfleetCD 
Skid RowCDDB My EnemyCD 
SkinlabCDDB Nerve DamageCD 
SkinlabCDDB Disembody: The New FleshCD 
SkinlessCDDB From Sacrifice To SurvivalCD 
SkinlessCDDB Foreshadowing Our DemiseCD 
SkinlessCDDB Trample The Weak, Hurdle The DeadCD 
SkrapeCDDB Up the DoseCD 
SkrewCDDB Shadow of DoubtCD 
SkulgrinderCDDB Island Of Lost SoulsCD 
SkycladCDDB Wayward Sons of Mother EarthCD 
SlayerCDDB South Of HeavenVinyl 
SlayerCDDB Reign In BloodVinyl 
SlayerCDDB Hell AwaitsVinyl 
SlayerCDDB Seasons In The AbyssVinyl 
SlayerCDDB Decade of Aggression Live2 discsCD 
SlayerCDDB Diabolus In MusicaCD 
SlayerCDDB God Hates Us AllCD 
SlayerCDDB Divine InterventionCD 
SlayerCDDB Undisputed AttitudeCD 
SlayerCDDB Live Intrusion3 song promoCD 
SlayerCDDB Christ IllusionCD 
SleepCDDB Dopesmoker2 songsCD 
SmokeboxCDDB SmokeboxCD 
SnufuCDDB Big ThumbsCD 
Social InfestationCDDB Lasciate Ogni SperanzaCD 
Social InfestationCDDB Redemption Is Only Skin DeepCDAtlanta Band
SocialburnCDDB Where You AreCD 
SodomCDDB Persecution ManiaVinyl 
SodomCDDB Agent OrangeVinyl 
SodomCDDB Code RedCD 
SodomCDDB Tapping The VeinCD 
SodomCDDB Sodom (DTO)CD 
SodomCDDB The Final Sign of EvilslipcaseCD 
Soilent GreenCDDB Sewn Mouth SecretsCD 
Soilent GreenCDDB ConfrontationCD 
SoilworkCDDB A Predator's PortraitCD 
SoilworkCDDB The Chainheart MachineCD 
SoilworkCDDB Light the Torch2 song singleCD 
SoilworkCDDB Stabbing The DramaCD 
SoilworkCDDB Stabbing the Drama SamplerCD 
Solace In The ShadowsCDDB The Screaming To Survive EPCD 
Solace Of RequiemCDDB Solace Of RequiemCD 
SolefaldCDDB Pills Against The Ageless IllsCD 
SolemnCDDB Surrounded1 songCDAtlanta Band
SolemnCDDB Permanent5 songsCDAtlanta Band
SolidCDDB Strip Mining the Underground Since 1990x2CD 
Solitude AeternusCDDB Through The Darkest HourCD 
Solitude AeternusCDDB AdagioCD 
Solitude AeternusCDDB Into The Depths Of SorrowCD 
Solitude AeternusCDDB DownfallCD 
SolusCDDB Our Frosting HellCD 
SolusCDDB Slave of MindCD 
SomberCDDB SomberCD 
SomnusCDDB Through Creation's EndCD 
SomnusCDDB Awakening The CrownCD 
Sonata ArcticaCDDB Reckoning NightCD 
Sonata ArcticaCDDB UniaslipcaseCD 
Sonic ReignCDDB Raw Dark Purejewel caseCD 
SorrowCDDB Forgotten SunriseCD 
Soul EmbracedCDDB ImmuneCD 
Soul PollutionCDDB Soul PollutionCD 
Soul ReaperCDDB Written In BloodCD 
SoulflyCDDB ProphecyCD 
SoulflyCDDB SoulflyCD 
SoulflyCDDB Dark AgesCD 
SoulquakeCDDB SystemCD 
SoulstormCDDB Darkness VisibleCD 
Speed Kill HateCDDB Acts Of InsanityCD 
SpeedballCDDB Do Unto Others Then SplitCD 
SpeedballCDDB Drive Like HellCD 
Spiders 'n PigsCDDB Spiders 'n PigsCD 
Spiritual BeggarsCDDB On FireCD 
Squealer ADCDDB Confrontation Streetjewel caseCD 
SSSCDDB SSSShort Sharp ShockCD 
St. ThomasCDDB St. Thomas1 songCD 
Stampin' GroundCDDB A New Darkness Upon UsCD 
Stanford Prison ExperimentCDDB The Gato HunchCD 
StarkweatherCDDB CroatoanCD 
State Of The ArtCDDB State Of The ArtCDAtlanta Band
StavesacreCDDB FrictionCD 
Steel ProphetCDDB Book of the DeadCD 
Still RemainsCDDB If Love Was Born To DieCD 
Still RemainsCDDB Of Love and LunacyCD 
StompboxCDDB No Woods2 song promoCD 
StrainCDDB StrainCD 
Strange MindCDDB Strange Mind2 song promoCD 
StrangemindCDDB The FoundationCD 
Strapping Young LadCDDB No Sleep 'Till BedtimeCD 
Strapping Young LadCDDB SYLCD 
Strapping Young LadCDDB Tour EP5 song promoCD 
Strapping Young LadCDDB CityCD 
Strapping Young LadCDDB Heavy As A Really Heavy ThingCD 
Strapping Young LadCDDB The New BlackCD 
StratovariusCDDB Elements Pt. 2CD 
Strength in NumbersCDDB The VeilCD 
Strong ArmCDDB Strong ArmCD 
Stuck MojoCDDB PigwalkCD 
Stuck MojoCDDB Snappin' NecksCD 
Stuck MojoCDDB Violate ThisCD 
Stuck MojoCDDB Snappin' Necks [edit]4 radio editsCD 
Substance DCDDB AdditionsCD 
Sudden DeathCDDB Unpure BurialCD 
SuffocationCDDB Pierced From WithinCD 
SuffocationCDDB Surgery of Impalement3 song promoCD 
SuffocationCDDB Effigy Of The ForgottenCD 
SuffocationCDDB Breeding the SpawnCD 
SuffocationCDDB SuffocationCD 
Suicidal TendenciesCDDB Trip At The BrainVinyl 
Suicidal TendenciesCDDB How Will I Live Tomorrow If I Can't Even Smile TodayVinyl 
Suicidal TendenciesCDDB How Will I Live Tomorrow?? (promo)x2, 4 songsVinyl 
Suicidal TendenciesCDDB Lights, Camera, RevolutionVinyl 
Suicidal TendenciesCDDB Feel Like Shit/Deja VuVinyl 
Suicidal TendenciesCDDB The Art of RebellionCD 
Suicidal TendenciesCDDB FreedumbCD 
Suicidal TendenciesCDDB Suicidal Tendencies5 song promoCD 
Suicide SilenceCDDB Suicide SilenceCD 
SulacoCDDB Sulaco4 song EPCD 
SulacoCDDB Tearing Through The RootsTechnical Death MetalCD 
Sum Yung GuyzCDDB S.Y.G.7 songsCDAtlanta Band
Summer DyingCDDB One Last Taste of TemptationCD 
SummonCDDB And The Blood Runs BlackCD 
SummonCDDB FallenCD 
SummoningCDDB StrongholdCD 
Sun Red SunCDDB Sun Red SunCD 
SundownCDDB Design 19CD 
Superjoint RitualCDDB A Lethal Dose of American Hatred [promo]3 song promoCD 
Superjoint RitualCDDB A Lethal Dose of American HatredCD 
SupermassivCDDB ResurrectionCD 
SuplecsCDDB Powtin' on the Outside, Pawty on the InsideCD 
Suppression SwingCDDB Just A Word4 song promoCD 
SusperiaCDDB PredominanceCD 
SusperiaCDDB Cut From Stonejewel caseCD 
SvartharidCDDB Forthcoming StormCD 
Swallow The SunCDDB The Morning Never CameCD 
Swallow the SunCDDB Hopejewel caseCD 
Swingin' Sounds of SatanCDDB Swingin' Sounds of SatanCDAtlanta Band
SwordmasterCDDB Moribund TransgoriaCD 
Sworn EnemyCDDB The Beginning Of The EndCD 
Sworn EnemyCDDB Integrity Defines StrengthCD 
Sworn EnemyCDDB Sworn Enemy single3 song promoCD 
Symphony XCDDB Paradise LostslipcaseCD 
SymphorceCDDB Become Deathjewel caseCD 
SyzslakCDDB When Demons Ride Angelsjewel caseCD 
T-NailedCDDB NatureCD 
T.A.R.CDDB Tar and Feathers for the MillenniumCD 
T.A.R.CDDB Fear of LifeCD 
TadCDDB Live Alien BroadcastsCD 
Tad MoroseCDDB UndeadCD 
Take As NeededCDDB 2 song promo from Vita Et Mors MortisCDAtlanta Band
TakodaCDDB TakodaCDAtlanta Band
TankardCDDB The Morning AfterVinyl 
TankardCDDB Chemical InvasionVinyl 
TankardCDDB Zombie AttackVinyl 
TartarosCDDB The Red JewelCD 
TartarosCDDB The Grand Psychotic CastleCD 
TearabyteCDDB Gloom FactoryCD 
Teeth Of The HydraCDDB GreenlandCD 
TenballCDDB Tenball2 songsCDAtlanta Band
TenebrousCDDB Arias Toward the Black SunCD 
TensionCDDB Breaking PointVinyl 
TeratismCDDB Ex InfernusCD 
TerminusCDDB Victim CultureCD 
TerrorizerCDDB World DownfallCD 
TerrorizerCDDB Darker Days AheadCD 
TestamentCDDB Trial By FireVinyl 
TestamentCDDB The New OrderVinyl 
TestamentCDDB Practice What You PreachVinyl 
TestamentCDDB Signs of Chaos: The Best of TestamentCD 
TestamentCDDB Return to the Apocalyptic CityCD 
TestamentCDDB DemonicCD 
TestamentCDDB Live at the FillmoreCD 
TestamentCDDB Live In LondonCD 
The Abominable Iron SlothCDDB The Abominable Iron SlothCD 
The AbsenceCDDB From Your GraveCD 
The AbsenceCDDB Riders of the Plaguejewel caseCD 
The AbyssCDDB Summon The BeastCD 
The Acacia StrainCDDB The Dead WalkCD 
The Agony SceneCDDB The Darkest RedCD 
The Autumn OfferingCDDB Revelations Of The UnsungCD 
The Autumn OfferingCDDB Embrace the GutterCD 
The BannerCDDB Each Breath HauntedCD 
The BlackCDDB Black BloodCD 
The BlackCDDB The Priest Of SatanCD 
The Black Dahlia MurderCDDB Miasma Sampler3 tracks, paper caseCD 
The Black Dahlia MurderCDDB MiasmaCD 
The Black Dahlia MurderCDDB NocturnalCD 
The ChariotCDDB Everything is Alive, Everything is Breathing, Nothing is Dead, Nothing is BleedingCD 
The Classic StruggleCDDB Feel Like HellCD 
The Coup de GraceCDDB The Coupe de GraceCD 
The CrestCDDB Vain City ChroniclesCD 
The CrownCDDB Deathrace KingCD 
The Devin Townsend BandCDDB SynchestraCD 
The Dillinger Escape PlanCDDB Panasonic Youth Promo3 songsCD 
The Dillinger Escape PlanCDDB Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants Promo3 songs, x2CD 
The Dillinger Escape PlanCDDB Miss MachineCD 
The DuskfallCDDB Lifetime Supply of GuiltCD 
The EndCDDB Transfer Trachea Reverberations From Point: False OmniscientCD 
The EndCDDB Within DividiaCD 
The EsotericCDDB With the Sureness of SleepwalkingCD 
The ExploitedCDDB Jesus Is DeadVinyl 
The ForsakenCDDB Traces of the PastCD 
The ForsakenCDDB Manifest of HateCD 
The GatheringCDDB SuperheatCD 
The GatheringCDDB How to Measure a Planet?4 song promoCD 
The GatheringCDDB Nighttime BirdsCD 
The GatheringCDDB Mandylion3 song promoCD 
The Great KatCDDB Beethoven On Speed (promo)3 songsVinyl 
The Great KatCDDB Guitar Goddess4 songsCD 
The HauntedCDDB One Kill WonderCD 
The HauntedCDDB The HauntedCD 
The Hurt ProcessCDDB A Heartbeat BehindCD 
The KovenantCDDB AnimatronicCD 
The KovenantCDDB In Times Before the LightCD 
The Load LevelersCDDB Barncore!CD 
The Minor TimesCDDB Making EnemiesCD 
The MisfitsCDDB Static AgeCD 
The MisfitsCDDB American PsychoCD 
The National AcrobatCDDB TNA: The Complete RecordingsCD 
The NefilimCDDB ZoonCD 
The NixonsCDDB Foma1 song promoCD 
The ObviousCDDB DetachedCD 
The OrganizationCDDB Savor the FlavorCD 
The Postman SyndromeCDDB Terraforming3 song promoCD 
The PrimordialCDDB The Crowning CarnageCD 
The PrimordialCDDB Where Only The Seasons Mark The Paths Of TimeCD 
The Project HateCDDB Cybersong SuperchristCD 
The Quiet RoomCDDB IntrospectCD 
The Rectvm SatansCDDB The Rectvm SatansCD 
The Red ChordCDDB ClientsCD 
The Red DeathCDDB External Frames of ReferenceCD 
The Revolution SmileCDDB Above The NoiseCD 
The Ruins of BeverastCDDB Unlock the Shrinejewel caseCD 
The Soil Bleeds BlackCDDB March Of The InfidelsCD 
The SpudmonstersCDDB Stop the MadnessCD 
Theater Of The MacabreCDDB A Paradise In Flesh And BloodCD 
Theatre of TragedyCDDB Theatre of TragedyCD 
TherionCDDB TheliCD 
TherionCDDB Of DarknessCD 
TherionCDDB A' Arab Zaraq Lucid DreamingCD 
TherionCDDB Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho MegasCD 
TherionCDDB VovinCD 
TherionCDDB Secret Of The RunesCD 
This Day ForwardCDDB The Transient Effects Of Light On WaterCD 
ThorCDDB TriumphantCD 
ThorazineCDDB GeneticideCD 
ThornCDDB Bitter PotionCD 
Thou Art LordCDDB Orgia DaemonicumCD 
Thought IndustryCDDB Recruited To Do Good Deeds For The DevilCD 
Threat of LifeCDDB DemoCDAtlanta Band
Three Days GraceCDDB (I Hate) Everything About YouCD 
ThresholdCDDB Critical EnergyCD 
Through The Eyes Of The DeadCDDB BloodlustCD 
Through the Eyes of the DeadCDDB MaliceDeath(core)CD 
ThrowdownCDDB VendettaCD 
ThrowdownCDDB Venom & TearsHardcoreCD 
Thy SerpentCDDB Christ CrusherCD 
TiamatCDDB PreyCD 
TiamatCDDB Tour SamplerCD 
TiamatCDDB CloudsCD 
TiamatCDDB Skeleton SkeletronCD 
TiamatCDDB The Astral SleepCD 
TiamatCDDB The Sleeping Beauty: Live In IsraelCD 
TiamatCDDB WildhoneyCD 
TidfallCDDB NucleusCD 
Time RequiemCDDB The Inner Circle Of RealityCD 
Titanium BlackCDDB Bleed for YouCD 
To Die ForCDDB EpilogueCD 
Today Is The DayCDDB Sadness Will PrevailRadio EditsCD 
TombstoneCDDB EPLyrics in Spanish, narrow-case CD-RCDAtlanta Band
TonCDDB PlagueCD 
Torn AsunderCDDB RecollectionsCD 
TortureCDDB Storm AlertCD 
Torture KillerCDDB Swarm!CD 
Total WarCDDB We Are?? At Warno caseCD 
Tower Of BabelCDDB Upon The Shores Of ExileCD 
ToxikCDDB Think ThisVinyl 
ToxikCDDB World CircusVinyl 
Trail Of TearsCDDB A New Dimension Of MightCD 
Trans-Siberian OrchestraCDDB The Lost Christmas EveCD 
TransilviaCDDB Slugchuckles InsanelyCD 
Transmission 0CDDB Memory of a DreamCD 
Transport LeagueCDDB Panic SatanicCD 
TraumaCDDB Malicious IntentCD 
TreeCDDB Try Harder Every DayCD 
TreeCDDB Plant A Tree Or DieCD 
TremulusCDDB What I've BecomeCD 
Treponem PalCDDB Treponem PalVinyl 
Treponem PalCDDB HigherCD 
Treponem PalCDDB Renegade2 song promoCD 
Tribe of JudahCDDB Exit ElvisCD 
TristaniaCDDB AshesCD 
TriviumCDDB TriviumCD 
TriviumCDDB Ember to InfernoCD 
TriviumCDDB AscendancyCD 
TriviumCDDB Ascendancy Special EditionCD 
TriviumCDDB The CrusadeCD 
TrixterCDDB TrixterVinyl 
TroubleCDDB Plastic Green HeadCD 
TroubleCDDB The Skulldoom metal (jewel case)CD 
TroubleCDDB Psalm 9doom metal (jewel case)CD 
Trouble AheadCDDB Plastic Green Head3 song promoCD 
TualatinCDDB Tualatin3 songsCDAtlanta Band
TualatinCDDB 2004 Demo3 songsCDAtlanta Band
TubalcainCDDB LeftCD 
TurmoilCDDB From Bleeding HandsCD 
Twelfth GateCDDB SummoningCD 
TwilightCDDB Twilightjewel caseCD 
Twisted MethodCDDB Escape From Cape ComaCD 
Twisted SisterCDDB Still HungryCD 
Type O NegativeCDDB Life Is Killing Me Sampler4 song promoCD 
Type O NegativeCDDB Slow, Deep, And HardCD 
Type O NegativeCDDB The Origin Of The FecesCD 
Type O NegativeCDDB Bloody KissesCD 
Type O NegativeCDDB Black No.14 song promoCD 
Type O NegativeCDDB Dead Againjewel caseCD 
Type O NegativeCDDB Profits of Doomsingle, jewel caseCD 
TystnadenCDDB FragmentsCD 
U.D.O.CDDB ThunderballCD 
UglystickCDDB UglystickCD 
UltraspankCDDB Turn Your Head And Cough3 song promoCD 
UnblessedCDDB Unblessed3 songsCDAtlanta Band
Uncle FuckerCDDB Usurpers of the TraditionCD 
Uncle SlamCDDB Say UncleVinyl 
Under EdenCDDB The Savage CircleCD 
Under ThreatCDDB Behind Mankinds DisguiseCD 
Undermine XCDDB Thirteen Ways to DieCD 
UnearthCDDB The Oncoming StormCD 
UnearthCDDB EndlessCD 
UnearthCDDB The Oncoming Storm Rerelease SamplerCD 
UnearthCDDB III: In The Eyes Of FireCD 
Unearthly TranceCDDB The TridentCD 
UnexpectCDDB In a Flesh AquariumslipcaseCD 
UnhallowedCDDB Punchfucking BlasphemyCD 
Unholy GhostCDDB Torrential ReignCD 
UnitedCDDB No I.Q.CD 
Universal StompCDDB Stomping of JakeCD 
Universal StompCDDB Full SwingCD 
UnleashedCDDB VictoryCD 
UnleashedCDDB Shadows In The DeepCD 
UnleashedCDDB Across The Open SeaCD 
UnleashedCDDB Live In Vienna '93CD 
UnleashedCDDB MidvinterblotCD 
UnmarkedCDDB UnmarkedCDAtlanta Band
UnsaneCDDB Scattered, Smothered, and CoveredCD 
UnsaneCDDB Blood RunCD 
UnsaneCDDB VisqueenCD 
Uphill BattleCDDB Wreck of NervesCD 
Urine Garden/Bleached In The SunCDDB Skeleton God (Deathgasm)CD 
UsurperCDDB NecronemesisCD 
UsurperCDDB Visions From the GodsCD 
UsurperCDDB Threshold of the UsurperCD 
UTFO and AnthraxCDDB LethalVinyl 
V Shape MindCDDB Cul-De-SacCD 
V/ACDDB Masters of Horror SamplerCD 
V/ACDDB Trustkill Records: Blood, Sweat, and Ten YearsCD 
VaderCDDB Black To The BlindCD 
VaderCDDB The Ultimate IncantationCD 
VaderCDDB De ProfundisCD 
VaderCDDB LitanyCD 
VaderCDDB SothisCD 
VaderCDDB Impressions In BloodCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Eastern Front 3: Live At Ruthie's InnVinyl 
Various ArtistsCDDB California's Best Metal(really not California's best metal)Vinyl 
Various ArtistsCDDB Speed Metal HellVinyl 
Various ArtistsCDDB Metal Massacre IXVinyl 
Various ArtistsCDDB Doomsday News: The New Generation Of Heavy MetalVinyl 
Various ArtistsCDDB Thrash Metal Attack IIVinyl 
Various ArtistsCDDB Metal Blade Records Samplerno sleeveVinyl 
Various ArtistsCDDB The Best Of Metal Blade Volume 3Vinyl 
Various ArtistsCDDB Metal Massacre VIVinyl 
Various ArtistsCDDB Complete DeathVinyl 
Various ArtistsCDDB Billingsgate Records SamplerVinyl 
Various ArtistsCDDB River's Edge SoundtrackVinyl 
Various ArtistsCDDB Brutal Comp Volume OneBlind Myself, Wilt, and Human DeclineCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Judgement Night Movie SoundtrackCleanCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Nuclear Blast America New Music Annihilation 2003CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB WREK Sampler from Vibrations of Doom MagazineCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB MTV2 Headbanger's Ball2 discsCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Milwaukee Metalfest XIII CompilationCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Sexecution Tour Featuring Nocturne and Bozo Porno CircusCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Relapse Records2 cdsCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Can You Dig It? IIICD 
Various ArtistsCDDB In the Eyes of DeathCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Necropolis SamplerCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Victory Records Fall 1996CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Too Damn Hype Records 95 SamplerCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB A Tribute to MinistryCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Polluting the Scene Since 1990 (Relapse)CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Black Mark AttackCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Out of the Box Volume ICD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Spectrum Fest (Relapse)CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB The Heart of Roadrunner RecordsCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Destruction of the Heavenly Realms (Deathgasm)x2CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Turkey Vulture RecordsCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Faster, Pussy??Attack! Tora! Tora! Tora!CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Repulsive AssualtCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB A Black Mark TributeCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Roll N Roll MythsCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Beyond the Underground (Atlantic)CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Midnight Offerings IIICD 
Various ArtistsCDDB CD Sampler IICD 
Various ArtistsCDDB With Us or Against Us Volume 2CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Bid's Mellow MixCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Rawk #7CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB McGathy Metal, Volume #1CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Mortal Kombat SoundtrackCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Death?? Is Just The Beginning IIICD 
Various ArtistsCDDB A Tribute to the BeastIron Maiden coversCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Death?? Is Just The Beginning IICD 
Various ArtistsCDDB War Dance - A War Music CompiliationCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Screams From ItalyCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB The Heralds of Oblivion, Volume #1CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Roots III (A Trilogy)CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Roots IV: ZOSOCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB At Death's Door: A Collection Of Brutal Death MetalCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB The Dawning of Pure Evil: Five Years of Necropolis RecordsCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Blackend IV (2 Discs)CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Death?? Is Just The Beginning IVCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Straight To Hell: A Tribute To SlayerCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Identity Six: Behold Another World (Century Media Sampler)CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB ...?Until The End Of Time - The End RecordsCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Sepultural Feast - A Tribute To SepulturaCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Bid's Metal MixCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB This Ain't Your Older Brother's Metal! (Century Media)x2CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Demon Knight SoundtrackCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Identity Eight (Century Media sampler)CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Ham 'n Eggs '95 (Earache Sampler)CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Upon A Mighty Bloodred Stream: Red Stream Sampler Vol. 1CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Slow ChildrenCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Diehard - '96 Catalogue UpdateCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Metal Massacre XIICD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Cranial Captivity: Fettered In The Mind's EyeCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Victory Records - We Are Hardcore!CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Trustkill and Ferret Present: Choice CutsCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Nativity In Black SamplerCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Priced To Sell Identity (Century Media sampler)CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Faith No More And Other ArtistsCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Puritanical Tour Sampler '02 (Dimmu Borgir/Krisiun/Diabolic)CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB The Apocalypse ManifestoCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Nativity In BlackCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Smell the Fuzz (guitar stuff??)CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Chord Sampler #12CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Cause for Alarm/Warzone (Victory)CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB New Release Sampler (Earache)CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Remix War (Pitchshifter stuff)CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Identity 3??D (Century Media)CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Slayer/Biohazard/Machine Head SamplerCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Cursed to Tour Sampler 96 (Earache)CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB UFC Ultimate Beatdowns Volume 12 song promoCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB In Memory Of Celtic FrostCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Road Rage Tour 2004 samplerMachine Head, Chimaira, Trivium, 3 Inches Of BloodCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Resident Evil: Apocalypse SoundtrackCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB MTV Headbanger's Ball Volume 2CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Ultimate Beatdowns Vol. !CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB MTV2 Headbangers Ball Vol. 2CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB When Worlds Collide (Inside Out)CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB CM Distro (Century Media?)CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Fudge Worthy Records Vol. 32CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB From The Shadows: Metal For the Modern EraCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Alone In The Dark SoundtrackCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Fall 2004 Sampler (End Records)CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB 2005 Roadrunner LineupCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Abacus Records Sampler - Listen or PoseCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Roadrunner Records 25th Anniversary Special Edition Sampler - Sepultura - Roots & Fear Factory - DemanufactureCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Sounds of the UndergroundCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB What Lies Beneath - A Sampling of the Century Family's Darkest OfferingsCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Bloodbucket Productions Radio Sampler 2004CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Prosthetic Records Samplerpaper caseCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Trustkill Takeover (Trustkill Sampler)CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Candlelight USA - Beyond Extremes - Summer Sampler 2005CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Numbers from the Beast - An All Star Tribute to Iron MaidenCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB The Wild Rag! Issue #32 Rock N' Roll Myths Vol. 1CD 
Various ArtistsCDDB InvadersCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Armageddon Over Wacken - Live 20043 discsCD 
Various ArtistsCDDB Aqua Teen Hunger Force Soundtrackjewel caseCD 
VastionCDDB Cold Stares Of The Dead (demo III)3 songsCDAtlanta Band
VauraCDDB SelenelionCD 
VauxCDDB On Life; LivingCD 
VendettaCDDB Brain DamageCD 
Vengeance RisingCDDB Destruction ComesCD 
Vengeance RisingCDDB Released Upon the EarthCD 
VenomCDDB American AssaultVinyl 
VenomCDDB PossessedVinyl 
VenomCDDB From Hell To The UnknownVinyl 
VenomCDDB Black MetalCD 
VenomCDDB At War With SatanCD 
VenomCDDB Kissing the BeastCD 
VenomCDDB Metal BlackCD 
VenomCDDB From the Very DepthsCD 
Verbal AbuseCDDB Rocks Your LiverVinyl 
Verse And RadiationCDDB Along The Celestial RuinsCD 
VillainCDDB Time MachineCD 
VintersorgCDDB Cosmic GenesisCD 
VintersorgCDDB Odemarkens SonCD 
VintersorgCDDB Visions From The Spiral GeneratorCD 
VintersorgCDDB Solens RotterCD 
Vio-LenceCDDB Eternal NightmareVinyl 
Violent PlaygroundCDDB Thrashin BluesVinyl 
Vision Of DisorderCDDB ImprintCD 
Vital RemainsCDDB Let Us PrayCD 
Vital RemainsCDDB DechristianizeCD 
Vital RemainsCDDB Icons of EvilslipcaseCD 
Vitamin FCDDB AtoneCD 
VitriolCDDB VitriollocalCD 
VivesectCDDB Six Points of Directionjewel caseCD 
VoivodCDDB Dimension HatrossVinyl 
VoivodCDDB The Outer Limits (promo)x2, 2 songsVinyl 
VoivodCDDB Killing TechnologyVinyl 
VoivodCDDB NothingfaceVinyl 
VoivodCDDB Voivod2 song promoCD 
VoivodCDDB The Best of VoivodCD 
VoivodCDDB PhobosCD 
VoivodCDDB Voivod (promo)3 songsCD 
VoivodCDDB Angel RatCD 
VoivodCDDB NanomanCD 
VoivodCDDB NegatronCD 
VoivodCDDB KatorzCD 
VomitoryCDDB Terrorize Brutalize SodomizeCD 
VondurCDDB StridsyfirlysingCD 
VondurCDDB The Galatic Rock N' Roll EmpireCD 
Voodoo LordzCDDB Lifes GamesCD 
VreidCDDB I KrigCD 
Vulgar PigeonsCDDB ImperialismCD 
W.A.S.PCDDB The Neon God: Part 1 - The RiseCD 
W.A.S.PCDDB Still Not Black EnoughCD 
W.A.S.PCDDB Unholy TerrorCD 
W.A.S.P.CDDB The Neon God pt. 2 - The DemiseCD 
Waking Kills The DreamCDDB Depending On TomorrowCD 
Walls of JerichoCDDB All Hail The DeadCD 
WardogCDDB Scorched EarthCD 
WargasmCDDB Why Play AroundVinyl 
WarningSFCDDB AftermathCD 
Warrior SoulCDDB The Space Ace PlayboysCD 
WarzoneCDDB The Sound of RevolutionCD 
Wasted YouthCDDB Black DazeVinyl 
Watch Them DieCDDB Watch Them DieRadio EditsCD 
Watch Them DieCDDB Bastard Sonplay radio editsCD 
WatchmakerCDDB Erased From The Memory Of ManCD 
WayneCDDB Metal ChurchCD 
We're All Gonna DieCDDB The Wreck of the MinotCD 
WehrmachtCDDB Shark AttackVinyl 
WehrmachtCDDB BiermachtVinyl 
WheelbarCDDB High Volume TherapeuticCD 
WhiplashCDDB Ticket To MayhemVinyl 
WhiplashCDDB Insult To InjuryVinyl 
WhiplashCDDB WhiplashCD 
White Knuckle TripCDDB When Translation Becomes AutomationCD 
White ZombieCDDB Astro-Creep: 2000CD 
WhitechapelCDDB The Somatic DefilementCD 
Wicker ManCDDB You Annoy Me 4.10CD 
Wicker ManCDDB Wicker ManCD 
Wild WonderfulCDDB Karma To BurnVinyl 
Will HavenCDDB Will HavenCD 
Windham HellCDDB Reflective Depths ImbibeCD 
WindsCDDB The Imaginary Direction Of TimeCD 
WinterCDDB Into DarknessCD 
Winter of ApokalypseCDDB Solitary Winter NightslipcaseCD 
Winter SolisticeCDDB The Fall of RomeCD 
WinterhordeCDDB NebulaCD 
Witch-HuntCDDB Souls Enshrouded FireCD 
Witch-HuntCDDB Prophecies of a Great PlagueCD 
WitcheryCDDB Dead, Hot and ReadyCD 
WitcheryCDDB WitchburnerCD 
WitcheryCDDB Restless And DeadCD 
WitcheryCDDB Don't Fear The ReaperCD 
With Or Without YouCDDB Six Reasons To Drop OutCD 
Withered EarthCDDB Into the Deepest WoundsCD 
Withered EarthCDDB Of Which They BleedCD 
Without WavesCDDB Scab PlatterCD 
Wolves in the Throne RoomCDDB Celestial LineageCD 
WombCDDB Disciples Of MockeryCD 
World BangCDDB PedofiendCD 
World of LiesCDDB Material GodCD 
World of LiesCDDB World of LiesCD 
WrathCDDB Fit Of AngerVinyl 
Wrath Child AmericaCDDB Climbin' The WallsVinyl 
Wrekking MachineCDDB Mechanistic TerminationCD 
WurdulakCDDB Ceremony in FlamesCD 
WurdulakCDDB Severed Eyes Of PossessionCD 
X-CopsCDDB You Have The Right To Remain Silent??CD 
Y.O.C.CDDB Sanity WithinCD 
YakuzaCDDB Transmutationsjewel caseCD 
Year of DesolationCDDB Year of Desolationjewel caseCD 
YetiCDDB NiflheimCD 
Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising ForceCDDB Attack!!CD 
YOBCDDB The Unreal Never LivedCD 
YyrkoonCDDB Occult MedicineCD 
YyrkoonCDDB Unhealthy OperaCD 
ZaburonCDDB Sic Bellum IncipitCD 
ZaoCDDB All Else FailedCD 
ZaoCDDB The Funeral of GodCD 
ZaoCDDB The Fear Is What Keeps Us HereCD 
ZealotsCDDB Nuclear WinterVinyl 
ZekeCDDB Til the Livin' EndCD 
ZekeCDDB DolphenwulfCD 
ZoetropeCDDB Mind Over SplatterCD 
ZoroasterCDDB PromoCDAtlanta Band
ZyklonCDDB World Ov WormsCD 
ZyklonCDDB DisintegrateCD 

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