Aborted - The Archaic Abattoir

posted by Greg, Wednesday April 20, 2005 @ 11:38:34 AM

Artist: Aborted (http://www.goremageddon.be)
Album: The Archaic Abattoir
Release Date: May 17th, 2005
Label: Olympic/Century Media

Rating: 8/10

Recommended Tracks: Dead Wreckoning, Blood Fixing The Bled, Threading On Vermilion Deception, Descend To Extirpation

Crawling up from the grimy depths of the fertile death metal breeding grounds of... Belgium? Yes, Belgium come Aborted with another cold, dead slab of gory grind for your listening displeasure. Belgium is a country known for its diamonds, and Aborted is certainly a diamond in the rough among gore metal bands, as they are able to play with a sense of melody and, dare I say, catchiness (as far as gore metal goes anyway) that eludes just about every other band in the genre. Though this album is a bit more melodic and not quite as brutal as 2003's Goremageddon: The Saw And The Carnage Done, 2005's The Archaic Abattoir still an excellent platter of splatter for those of you with an appetite for blood and guts in your metal diet.

Now before you go crying foul about them pulling an In Flames or a Metallica and forgetting all about their blood-and-formaldehyde-soaked roots, you can relax... the album is still plenty heavy and blows away most other bands in this department. It's like when a 400 pound woman goes on a diet and loses a hundred pounds - she might look and sound a little different but she's still heavy as fuck. Same with Aborted on this album; they've traded in a sliver of the brutality from Goremageddon in order to bring to the forefront the skill with which these guys can actually play. Unlike other bands in the genre whose sole purpose is to see how many beats per minute they can fit into a song or how many discordant riffs they can splice into 2 minutes of fury, Aborted fuse overtly technical playing in with the blasphemous speed, and the result is a much more polished product than your average death metal fare.

Thankfully the band never strays into musical masturbation territory though, as they never go off on 10 minute drum solos or 8-minute riff fests just for the sake of showing off. Each song is tight and compact, yet still strikes your eardrums with all the surgical precision of a rusted bonesaw scraping jaggedly across your forehead with no anaesthesia. Drummer Gilles Delecroix (who also drums for the bizarre French band Gronibard) in particular puts on a clinic with the skins, melding hyperblast grind beats in with power metal-style rolling drum fills and hardcore breakdowns with ease, oftentimes all on the same track. My favorite parts of Goremageddon were the jaw-dropping insanely heavy breakdowns that populated several of the tracks, especially the awesome ending of the title track. While there aren't as many massive breakdowns on this album, there are still some mighty fine equivalents to the ones on Goremageddon, particularly on track 8, called "Threading On Vermillion Deception". This song starts out with a monster riff and just keeps piling them on top of one another so much so to the point where you can't help but bang your head along. The band never quite consistently reaches the level of excellence on Goremageddon throughout this album, but they certainly come pretty damn close.

Like every other division of metal, gore metal has its contenders and pretenders to the throne of best band in the genre, and you'd certainly have to consider Aborted as one of the top gore metal bands currently playing today. If you're lucky enough to be going to the Maryland Death Fest this year make sure you set aside some time to check these guys out live (and make sure to check out Atlanta's Amoebic Dysentery up there as well!). There's nothing archaic or outdated about The Archaic Abattoir, which you'll find out upon listening. This is pretty much as fresh, new-sounding, and exciting as gory, festering, rotting, sex-obsessed death metal gets.

- Greg

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