posted by BoB, Saturday January 31, 2004 @ 02:19:28 AM

Written by Steven Cannon of Vibrations Of Doom Magazine

Oaken Shield Records, for those not in the know, is a sublabel of Adipocere Records, and so far it seems like Oaken Shield deals more with black metal than anything else. Those of you who heard us play 'In Dark Silence I Die' on the radio show will realize that nearly all the material is in this vein. And the music definitely kicks ass. There is an unusual amount of higher ended guitar work than most black metal bands utilize, and though tracks like 'Secrets Unveiled' and 'Dying Breed' have tons of blazing fast guitar riffs, many times there are more majestic guitar passages, played slower even, that really make one stand back in amazement. Blodsrit has a rather vicious screamer as well, driving home the force of this diabolical and slightly anti-christian lyrical stance common for the genre these days. Catchy too is a tune like 'I Sorg, For Syndens Saknad' which will have you swinging your mug of mead back and forth Viking style! A few odd guitar riffs do surface here and there, but with the complexity of the songs, the ultra up front and in your face production, plus the fact that these songs hit so hard, this is a near perfect masterpiece that no black metal fanatic should be without.

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